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As fashionable as it is to say that Pokemon never changes, you have to admire Nintendo's ability to keep the brand fresh. They really could just sit tight, squirting out mediocre Pokemon products every now and then in the confidence that "hey, we created Pokemon... we're huge!" Instead, we're treated to games like Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon X&Y selling huge in Eastern and Western markets, and proving that the brand is very much alive.

But what of the future of Pokemon? There are already plenty pies that Pokemon has its fingers in, and Nintendo could simply go on releasing different iterations of its most popular products. Alas, the gaming landscape has changed, and people's perception of what Pokemon is needs to change! Here are just a few of the products we could see as Pokemon moves into the future!


The likelihood of us getting Pokemon Amiibo is measured only by how insidious Nintendo is willing to be. They've already tapped an incredibly lucrative market with Amiibo iterations of established characters like Mario, Donkey Kong and that ever coveted Yarn Yoshi, but if they were to open the floodgates for Pokemon Amiibo, then who knows what kind or ridiculous scarcity we could be chasing down the line! 300 bucks for an Evi off Ebay anyone?

Should we expect more Pokmeon Amiibo?
Should we expect more Pokmeon Amiibo?

New Pokmeon Colosseum

The Stadium games have always played second fiddle to the primary hand-held Pokemon experience. That's likely because they're essentially the battle system distilled into an entire game with flashier visuals. The only problem is that those visuals haven't aged well, while the simplicity of the Game Boy and GBA games still lives on. A revamped Stadium game would likely be welcomed by fans, though I'm not sure what it should be called. Pokemon Arena? Pokemon Cage Match? Oh god...

Pokemon Z

So here's the obvious game that everyone will be pining for. [Pokémon](tag:2538552) Z would be the logical continuation of the huge leap that X & Y so gladly made. I'm still unsure whether fans would want a very basic extrapolation of the games they received before, or a huge change up of the entire game's systems. We could see an extension of the super evolution mechanics, new types and regions, and most excitingly, all new Pokemon.

Pokemon Live Action Movie

On the face of it, this sounds like a relatively frivolous suggestion, since the entire Pokemon aesthetic seems like one that should be relegated to Anime and video game worlds. The idea of Pikachu appearing alongside real people on screen conjures images of Roger Rabbit at best. Then again, you just can't tell with Japanese productions. Anime projects are constantly adapted into perfectly competent movies, like the Attack on Titan movie that is taking form, so theoretically there's no reason why Pokemon can't do the same!

Pokemon God

Hopefully it would look better than this.
Hopefully it would look better than this.

Sure, we're now in the realms of total fantasy, but a game similar to 2008's Spore would certainly fit the Pokemon premise. Right from the beginning, people have fantasized about creating their own Pokemon. That's always seemed like an abrasion of the creator driven Pokemon style, but with games like Spore and Little Big Planet, the user-generated genre seems ripe for a Pokemon game. Imagine the sense of creativity and competition you could generate with a game that allowed you to design and share your very own Pokemon!

So those are just a few ideas for what Pokemon could go in the future. Check out my other articles on Pokemon Z! Is there anything else you would like to see from the games or show? Let us know in a post here on MoviePilot, but voting in our poll, or of course by commenting below.


What Pokemon project would you like to see most in the future?


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