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Alan Mehanna

At first I was quite hesitant and yet I forced myself to watch this film and now I realize that my gut was actually right.

This film had every cliché and predictable story tool one could think all disguised under the amazing parkour choreography and swift clean editing.

I never liked Taylor Lautner as an actor and he has yet to make me doubt my opinion. Nothing this young man has done has impressed me. His role in this film, Cam (the protagonist) was not likable at all and I couldn't for the life of me relate to him emotionally or otherwise.

Cam: I don't know what I'm doing.

Miller: That's the great thing about parkour, my friend. There are no rules.

The other cast members did their part and were convincing. The young and beautiful Marie Avgeropoulos, who also stars in the CW's The 100, is fully capable and proves it with this film.

Even for a parkour driven film this came nowhere near the French action series District 13 and District 13: Ultimatum, or the 2014 film staring the late Paul Walker Brick Mansions which all had concrete storylines to hold the film together. Cheap obstacles, and a weak overall structure every twist the screenwriter tried to throw at me I saw coming a mile away.

If it weren't for the film's cinematography and editing I would have turned it off before the end credits.


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