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Tom Holland isn't the only Spiderman joining the Avengers as in the 20 minute long epic "The MARVELlous Spiderman (Get It?)" We witness Spidermans origin story, but not like the other two times. You may need to turn up the volume because the video volume is quite low, but this is a spoof movie done right! The film was made in Ireland and written by a superhero fanatic, and directed by a film critique and fantasy and sci-fi nerd. The film like other Marvel movies has 2 scenes after the credits, and even a cameo by a certain someone! The film also managed to even reference DC comic characters as well as The Avengers! Tom Holland eat you heart out. without further a do, here is "The Marvellous Spiderman (Get It?)"!

*side note, do NOT, take this film seriously, it is a non profit comedy spoof fan film, made in the course of a week

The backstory as to why the film was made, was an in joke with the writer and his friends who tweeted marvel when Marvel were casting a young spiderman saying "". When Tom Holland was cast, Mikey decided "may as well make Spiderman before Holland can" and thus this film was born.

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