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Thus a new age of Terminator films begins and I personally am on board and cannot wait...only if they remain at this level.

Sarah Connor: Come with me if you want to live! Now, soldier!

After Terminator: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation, I was starting to lose hope in this franchise, though I love the world and the characters that James Cameron created. I also, contrary to many loved The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and strangely this new addition into the franchise felt very close to the series.

What I enjoyed most about this new chapter was it's heart. It brought back the themes that Cameron initiated - those of family and sacrifice. The storyline in regards to the time travel aspect also worked well. Being an avid lover of all things time travel including a particular Time Lord with a Tardis, I was able to follow the time travel bits easily and again they worked. The twist within the mythology of the Terminator storyline remained faithful to its fan base while building upon it in such a way that new fans and the original fans can truly enjoy it.

Sarah Connor: The timeline John sent you to no longer exists. Everything's changed; and we can stop Judgement Day.

Symptomatically speaking, the film's commentary on our current society's obsession with being constantly connected and plugged in (though many films have outright spoken similar stories) felt like Terminator material due to the world's history with Skynet. The parallels with what Apple has done with its technologies and what the film's Genysis could do are almost exact and for audience members who noticed downright creepy.

John Connor: I'm not a man, not a machine... I'm more.

The new cast members Emilia Clarke (the second Game of Thrones actor to play Sarah Connor - Lena Headey played the role in the series), Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, J.K. Simmons and surprising Matt Smith all fit like chips into the advanced computer system. I'm already a big fan of many of these accomplished actors and was happy to see each of them though would have loved more of Matt Smith...yet I do suspect we will be seeing more of him in potential sequels.

The CGI work was enough for a world that has become so CGI heavy. The visual effects work on John Connor was breathtaking to witness - truly we have reached a powerful age in computer generated imagery. While the film's cinematography didn't offer anything new, the film's editing and sound design were spot on.

Lorne Balfe stayed true to form with Hans Zimmer's guidance in producing a fantastic action filled score.

I feel this film will polarize its audience just as Jurassic World did. I for one truly enjoyed every moment and found myself reattached to characters I had not seen in a long time on screen. Let's hope they'll be back ... soon.


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