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Alan Mehanna

Now this review may differ from the common perception of this film but I for one very much enjoyed the sequel to what was one of Marvel's weakest films during phase one of the Avengers' Initiative.

The film began with a brilliantly executed action sequence [this is true about every action sequence in this film] where Captain America takes French pirates who have taken over a SHIELD ship. The camera smoothly follows Captain America through this mission. The film's highway fight sequence was epically executed and the film's final fight within the helioships and within SHIELD headquarters was the epitome of what an amazing third act of a film should be. I have to give a standing ovation to Chris Carnel and the entire stunt team on this film because they were FANTASTIC!

I loved this film because of the Hydra taking over SHIELD storyline which should have resonated with audiences now due to wikileaks, and Snowden and all the anti-trust in government that is happening lately, [even season 3 of Homeland heavily dealt with this].

The musical score and the editing both played a huge role in this film's success as well.


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