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Baldwin Collins

Many bond fans like myself are really excited about this latest 'SPECTRE'' film trailer, director Sam Mendes has paid some homage scenes to classic bond films of yester years, Giving fans a clearer image of what to expect in 'SPECTRE' slated to be released world wide this year november, 2015 The Mexican carnival scene reminds us of the vodoo scene in 'Live and let die' (1973) the 'SPECTRE' action car scenes might topple the ones we've seen in previous bond films like in 'the spy who loved me' (1977) and possibly 'Tomorrow never dies' (1997) the snowy hill action scenes, plus the back ground music in the trailer, obviously taken from 'on her majesty's secret service ' (1969) is bound to stir some excitement Among most loyal bond fans.

Daniel Craig dressed in a white dinner jacket is a dead give away, the real iconic James bond look from Sean Connery in 'Goldfinger' (1964) a white jacket style that sir roger moore nearly made his own in half of the numbers of films he had appeared in as James Bond. This new bond film will probably out do 'SKYFALL' (2012) making it the best James Bond film Daniel Craig has ever made. What do you think Sam Mendes director has paid Homage to other bond films in this trailer ?


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