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NEW YORK —Martial Arts Icon Paul Mormando (Double Fist) has signed on to play the role of "Gessler" in the New Action Film Vendetta Games. Principle Photography is scheduled to begin this september. The film will be produced and Directed by Award winning filmmaker Andre' Joseph (Night Stream).

Vendetta is an action packed crime drama about undercover agents breaking up drug activity in an upscale casino. The story follows the complicated careers and personal lives of DEA agents Keith Miller (Chris Corulla) and Jason Stokes(Andre' Joseph). The agents get assigned to protect a casino tycoon’s troubled son following his girlfriend’s murder at the hands of vicious Colombian drug dealers.

This sounds like a perfect mix of action and adventure with a good story. I was told we can look forward to seeing some great martial arts action by Mormando, only this time he is on the opposite side of the law!

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