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Alan Mehanna
Earl of Oxford: All art is political, Jonson. Otherwise it would just be decoration.

I may be alone in this but upon second viewing, I am still quite entertained by this film.

I am a Shakespeare purist (meaning, I do strongly believe that Shakespeare wrote his theatrical masterpieces, as well as his sonnets) this narrative does raise a plausible conspiracy.

The performances in this film are rather good, and the screenplay aids this for it is quite eloquently written. Rhys Ifans's performance is heart-breaking as the supposed voice behind who we know now as Shakespeare.

Ben Jonson: You are the soul of the age...undeniable perfection that plagued my soul.

The narrative does toy with historical figures and sets them in a way that we have never seen - Queen Elizabeth for example is portrayed less like a stone faced virgin queen but more like her father King Henry VIII.

Be it because I enjoy the time period, conspiracy theories, Shakespeare - this film is one guilty pleasure.

Though our story is at an end, our poet's is not; for his monument is everliving. Not of stone but of verse. And it shall be remembered. As long as words are made of breath. And breath of life.

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