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On Tuesday 21st July 2015, almost 100 police officers went door to door, desperate for some answers in regards to the brutal murder and mutilation of 2 women in Niagara Falls.

In 2012, the local authorities opened an investigation into the gruesome death of Loretta Gates, 30, who was found dismembered and her various body parts were found scattered around Niagara Falls.

The most recent death of Terri Bills, 49, sparked an interest in the 2012 case and are thought to be connected and believed to be the first victims of a terrifying serial killer.

Bills body was found decapitated and missing her arms and legs in a vacant house near Niagara Falls.

Although one can't help but notice the nature of the murders as being eerily similar, authorities were more shocked to discover that Gates and Bills were almost like distant relatives, as Bills was "almost like an Aunt" to Gates.

This gruesome set of murders are being described as "the largest mission of its kind in the history of Niagara Falls " and "shocking to the conscience ".

Loretta's father believes it to be the same person behind both deaths. "If you know everything in detail, like the stuff we know, it's almost identical. I do think it's the same person. He knows what he's doing. He's playing games" Arthur Gates told WKBW.

Captain Rizzo believes from Tuesdays canvassing that they "got a lot of useful information" and are confident that they are one step closer to catching the man behind the killings.

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