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Film 2 in the “Random Movie Roulette” is 2002’s “Jackass: The Movie”. What started out as a tv show on MTV (back when MTV was fun to watch) back in 2000 turned into four movies and two spin-off shows, Wildboyz and Viva La Bam. All three shows are something I watched a lot of when I was young. In this review, I’m looking at the first of the films they released, “Jackass: The Movie”. Released in 2002 and directed by Jeff Tremaine, who currently directs pranks for the WWE for a show called “Swerved”, and staring The Jackass Crew, this film is basically a longer version of the tv show but uncensored and they can get away with a lot more stuff. I haven’t seen this film since Ryan Dunn died back in June 2011 and wasn’t sure whether my enjoyment might turn into sadness as I remember all the things Dunn did/was known for. But throughout this film, I watched it all and laughed throughout. Seeing stunts like “Butt X-Ray” and “Golf Course Airhorn” remind me that Jackass has always been a show/film that shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s a bunch of friends having fun for 80 minutes. And fun they have. Also, this is the only film I can watch again but with the audio commentary on. There’s two commentaries; the director, the cinematographer and Johnny Knoxville and the second one has the rest of the cast. Both are fun to listen to as they tell you stories about the film and it’s where I got a lot of my “Fun Fact of the Film” facts. This film is something I can recommend and I am looking forward to eventually watching Jackass Number Two and Jackass 3D. Here are my fun facts – Fun Fact of the Film #1 – Butt X-Ray was originally planned for Steve-O but he pulled out of the stunt after telling his dad about it. Steve-O’s dad said he would disown him if he did this. Fun Fact of the Week #2 – Loomis Fall came up with the stunt, Night Pandas, because he wanted to go to Japan. The crew agreed to take him but no one had the heart to tell him pandas are from China, not Japan. Fun Fact of the Week #3 – Four people were injured making this; Mat Hoffman broke his wrist and knocked himself out during Sweaty Fat Fucks. Johnny Knoxville was knocked out twice, one was when a golf cart flipped with him and Ryan Dunn inside and again when boxing Butterbean. Bam Margera suffered a torn hamstring during the beginning of filming and Steve-O suffered a serious infection filming Tropical Pole Vaulting after pole vaulting into a contaminated river. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 2002’s “Jackass: The Movie”


Film – Jackass The Movie

Year – 2002

Director – Jeff Tremaine

Staring – Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O

IMDb Rating – 6.6/10

My Rating – 7/10

Length – 85 min (1h 25min)

Genre – Documentary, Comedy

We open with a warning

Lots of smoke unveils the cast in an oversized shopping cart

What are you more focused on – Ehren’s intro or Chris’s penis?

Random giraffe

EXPLOSION – With foam bricks (They admit it)

There goes Preston

Theres goes Dave & Ehren

There’s Johnny’s intro

And everyone flies into a market stall

It’s time for Johnny to rent a car

Your rental car is a white Ford Mondeo

Not sure you should be spray painting a rent-a-car

Now to prep the rent-a-car for a demo derby

SLAYER!!!! – Angel of Death

“Rent-a-car Crash up derby”

There goes the air bag

That car nearly hit Johnny in the face

Time to return it and see what the owners think

“I hit a dog” – That must have been a big dog

Now Johnny says he blacked out while driving

It has a full tank but it’s completely fucked

I’m leaving… But not without the blowup dolls

How to bowl without a ball – Ride a skateboard and go head first into the pins

Bowling ball to Dunn’s balls

“The Muscle Stimulator”

Why is everyone but Johnny shirtless?

Now sure they are meant to work like this

It’s nice that Johnny tells us where the gooch is

Time to zap Chris’s balls

There’s Preston about to have lunch

He’s broken the bench… and ripped his pants

Time for some fun with golf carts

And Johnny is knocked out!

“Party Boy Japan”

Pretty sure if you did this in Currys you’d get arrested

That is the world worst policeman – All he does is blow a whistle

That failed

And a baby alligator just bit Johnny’s nipple

“You can’t pry it’s mouth open” – Let’s do that with a knife

Hi Bunny the Lifeguard

Did he say he would have sex with a alligator

“Alligator Tightrope”

Better add chicken so they try and bite me

And there’s Steve-O’s imcomplete back tattoo

Let the alligator bite the chicken out of your ass

And Steve-O nearly got bit by an crocodile exiting

“Today was my first try”

“Firework Wake-Up”

How to wake up your parents at 4am – FIREWORKS

Why is Bam wearing 2 Russian hats and gold chains?

Epilepsy warning!!!

5 hours later and Phil’s heading to work

Better plant fireworks in his van

Somehow everyone’s now in their 80s

“The Shoplifter”

This is why CCTV was invented

Bananas, cheap Oscar and other groceries

On the way out, I’ll try and steal sweets and a random ornament

“I was Lon Chaney’s lover”

Thanks Dave for explaining what you’re doing

And Dave just shit his pants in the van with the crew

Better clean it with brown paper bags

And we got our first puke of the film from a cameraman

“Later that day” – LIES! It was later that week

Time to take a poo in a toilet in a DIY Store

NOT THE CLIPPERS!!! And set to Jaws music


Time for Ehren to play in mousetraps

That was quick

“The Bungie Wedgie”

Raab Himself just broke the bungie

Take two and he’s upside down

“Riot Control Test”

George Hruska explains what he does and what will happen

This can’t be fun

Time to shoot Johnny in the stomach

It’s already bruised!

2 days later and the bruise is bigger

Time to hide Wee-Man in a massive cone in Japan

Just stop at the bottom of a escalator

“Ass Kicked By Girl”

Ryam’s punches as so weak

And he’s up against the current Double-K World Women’s Lightweight Champion Naoka Kumagai

And Dunn is down but back to take more beating

Two kicks to the stomach and Dunn is down

Ryan says she’s a dirty fighter

“Tropical Pole Vaulting”

Steve-O now has a serious infection from vaulting in that river

So much for that volleyball game

“Night Pandas” – Don’t tell Loomis that pandas are from China

Just let pandas loose in Japan

Pandas drink beer?

What the fuck is going on here?

Why are there men in their underwear in the streets?

Bam makes a promise to make his mom say “fuck”

Fireworks on roller blades – Seems like a good way to travel faster

That firework nearly hit Johnny in the face

“Roller Disco Truck”

Epilepsy warning!!!!

Also, a roller disco in the back of a moving truck? Why not

Time to snort some wasabi on Johnny’s birthday

Pretty sure wasabi isn’t meant to be snorted

Don’t puke on the sushi!

There’s little and large sumos in Japan

And there’s the producer in his underwear carrying a gong

How to remove ceiling fans – Jump into them

How to make your mom swear – Put crocodiles in the kitchen

Phil doesn’t care at all

And there the swear from April

Why am I getting flashes of The Shining?


Johnny’s with Eric Koston to try and grind 50-50 on a rail for the first time ever

He made it to the bottom… but didn’t land it

Preston just chilling in a hot tub drinking beer

“Paper Cuts”

Paper cuts between the cracks of your toes and fingers

And there goes the same cameraman from earlier about to puke from eating pizza (He’s a vegetarian)

And Steve-O paper cutted his mouth

“The Fortune Teller”

And here we learn that Chris doesn’t know Japanese

“Sweaty Fat Fucks”

And Mat Hoffman is knocked out and has a broken wrist

Who cares? Not him as he continues on

Who knew fat men could skate

Hi Tony Hawk

Bam skating while eating and drinking


That doesn’t look that heavy

And Irving drops


He is a badass and here’s proof

It’s Johnny Knoxville vs Butterbean in a boxing match… in a store

And Johnny just got his ass kicked

One free jab makes Butterbean knock out Johnny… and snore

Even his head is bleeding

It’s Sir Brandon who jousts Bam in a store on a BMX

Time for Chris and Steve-O to masterbate with sea cucumbers

“Whale Shark Gummer”

“Whale sharks are like puppies”

“It’s like being with a girl with no teeth”

Time to fill our pants with shrimps

Why is Chris the only one getting attacked?

Chris’s only problem with this – His penis is small

“Tidal Wave”

And Johnny has disappeared

3 days in Mexico for that

Steve-O shows off his new back tattoo… of himself… autographed

Henry Rollins intros “Off-Road Tattoo”

Steve-O is getting tattooed while in a moving Jeep in the desert

Henry just called someone on a quad a “Christian Motherfucker”

How to make those spinny things in playground fast – You cant

Well… That failed… Better clip Ehren’s hair

Back in Japan and Chris and Steve-O warm themselves by lighting fireworks out of their asses

Chris sets one off attached to his penis

And that one nearly hit Loomis in the face

Time to see if we can shift Preston off a sofa with a BMX

And Ryan is in cactus

Who let the sleepy old man on a scooter in the middle of the street?

“Yellow Snowcone”

Hmm… It’s snowing and Ehren wants a snowcone

A urine flavoured snowcone

There was no snow and now there is snow

Dave just beat up Ehren causing him to puke

Time for Wee-Man to kick himself in the head

Now it’s time for Bam to beat up his dad while he’s taking a poo

“He’s starting to loose it”

“Golf Course Airhorn”

Lets just mess with golfers with airhorns

That golfer has an awesome mustache

That’s our club now


“I’ll give you something to play with” – What? His penis?

Now let’s just fuck with them

Golfer’s revenge – Just swing balls at the crew

Time for Johnny and Bam to rob a store

And that guy’s gone!

Let’s get a replay of what happened in real time

“Guys in masks? I’m out”

Steve-O, Chris and Jeff talk about the upcoming precussions about the next stunt

Jeff tells us that this was planned for Steve-O

Let’s make Ryan do this instead

Ryan has to shove a car up his ass

Why is the doctor looking right at it?

Manny? What are you doing here?

Bam asks Steve-O about why he didn’t do the stunt

“Butt X-Ray”

I didn’t know you could just walk into a doctors and demand an x-ray

“It’s a little toy car” – Frat boy party? Yeah right

“That is a car toy. How did a car toy get there? Maybe you stuck it up your ass!”

Doctor wants nothing to do with this

Ryan says he’ll just poo it out

And there is the failed ending

Rip Taylor tells us that this is THE END

It must be as we get the credits

Ten minute credits? I’m gonna let them play

The only film I’ve ever review with CKY – One of my favourite bands

“If you’re gonna be dumb, You gotta be tough”

Well…. Here’s a trailer for a Jackass film in Summer 2063 – “Son of Jackass”

Ehrens the only one that doesn’t look old


And this is what The Hunger Games will look like with budget cuts

And Steve-O is the last man standing



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