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Well today is the day, everyone: Daniel Radcliffe's 26th birthday. Many of us feel we have grown up with him, seeing him go from little [Harry Potter](tag:1523709) to defeating Lord Voldemort to starring in other movies such as The Woman in Black and [Horns](tag:466677). Aside from his incredible acting skills, Daniel is just like us. He enjoys music, he is really bad at his job, and he certainly knows how to have fun! He's the perfect BFF and here's why...

5. He enjoys karaoke


Not only does Radcliffe do karaoke, but he does it extremely well! With his girlfriend Erin Darke by his side, the two pull out a particularly great rendition of Eminem's "Real Slim Shady."

4. He doesn't take his job too seriously


Can you imagine walking in to work and seeing Daniel Radcliffe at the receptionist desk? Well, at least he was cool about taking pictures with fans!

3. He's hilarious and doesn't take himself too seriously


Graceful and athletic, too? What a guy! Not to mention he's okay with Jimmy Fallon counting his balls!

2. He might as well become a rapper


This is pretty incredible! He gets through that whole song without stumbling once! I'd totally buy his album!

1. He's Daniel Radcliffe!


Who wouldn't want D-Rad to be their best friend? He's just one of those celebrities that hasn't let the fame drive him completely insane but instead embraced it in a positive way. Let's hope we'll see him in many more successful movies in the future! Happy birthday, Daniel! Keep being awesome!

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