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Alright guys we have seen that the avengers program gathered up earth's mightiest heros and put them together to form the Avengers right ? They have Thor , Iron man , Captain America , falcon , vision , hulk and etc... Now there is something that really bothers me or at least urges me to go crazy!!!!! The thing is why haven't we Gotten A dame team up movie of the X-men and Fantastic four !?!??!?!?

Now look they are both owned by the same company or well there rights are I mean if you don't believe or have forgot here is a pie chart that shows who everyone is owned by

See the X-Men and Fantastic four are in 20th century Fox!!!! They could do so much potential and profit out of this charters if you ask me . Then again they haven't really made a good movie of the fantastic four hint hint this disappointment

And the X-men movies not including (Wolverines solo movies which have turned out great ) really didn't have a good movie until X-men First class brought them back from the grave and X-men days of future past got them even further and also don't forget the new movie of the X-men coming out next year !!!!

But then again The new fantastic four movie comes out next month which maybe it will be good and finally start a new franchise for the fantastic four and if it is successful we could start demanding for a team up movie!!!

Now if this happens how would they be teaming up and who would there enemy be ?? Well most possibly well alot of possibilities can happen like Doom trying to destroy the mutants or maybe the X-men and fantastic four fight it out at first and then team up to fight the villains but right now that is all I have for now but let's hope this happens !!!!


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