ByGabe Briney, writer at

In August, I will be going to a comic convention in my city to make up for missing what seems to have been the greatest SDCC yet. But there are differences between the SDCC and local cons.


  • Cheaper- everything is cheaper from the ticket to the merchandise.
  • Smaller- less walking to get from one end to the other.
  • Usually smaller crowds- unless you're a super fan, most people don't travel cross-country to go to a local comic-con.


Cons of local cons- heh.

  • A celebrity guest is more likely to bail- not always but sometimes.
  • Lower quality- SDCC has high-quality displays and panels, most local cons are primarily shopping and signings.

If you're like me and missed SDCC, going to a local comic con is a good redeemer.

Fandomfest is coming to Louisville, KY on August 7-9 2015 and the guest of honor is Carrie Fisher.


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