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Tatiana Maslany has been overlooked for the Best Actress Emmy for far too long Orphan Black was really her defining moment, as Maslany plays a stunning ensemble. It's not often that we get the chance to see a truly stellar actor work their trade, but Maslany manages to distinguish between her characters with finesse, portraying a range of characteristics in roles spanning a grifter, a psychopath, a soccer mom, and many more.

Everything is different about them, right down to the smallest muscle twitch and slightest tonal inflection. Of course, the hair and makeup department are equally amazing, crafting the image of each clone to reveal their different characteristics and expression of identity. But how exactly will this Emmy nomination (and probable win, if the judges have any sense) affect Orphan Black? And is it necessarily a good thing?

The Benefits

The cast.
The cast.

Although Orphan Black may seem perfect, the road to release has not been an easy one. From budget restrictions to scheduling conflicts, the producers of this fantastic BBC America show have had a lot to contend with as they made their vision a reality. John Fawcett shared his thoughts on the matter...

"It’s our constant battle, never feeling like we have enough money to do what we want to do."

This is one potential boon to season 4: if Tatiana does win the Emmy (as she should), the show is bound to receive far more money than before. And what could this mean? We could get some more weird science (we might actually see how the cloning process works!), as well as more fight scenes and exotic locations. Season 3 really stepped it up a notch, taking us to the desert with the Castor clones, but a lot of the story remained grounded in Canada. The show really doesn't need flashy effects and big explosions, but a budget increase could only help the producers achieve their aims.

An Emmy win would also boost the show's popularity. The viewing figures have not really dipped since its release, but they could always be better. The show relies on an international viewership, as it is broadcast in the UK as well as the US, and despite being a cult hit it doesn't compare to the likes of, say, Breaking Bad. If Tatiana does win the Emmy, the show is bound to get a ratings boost. However, this will also boost Maslany's popularity, which may not be as much of a success for the show as you might think...

The Risks

Sarah Manning
Sarah Manning

So far, Tatiana Maslany's talent has gone fairly unnoticed. Before Orphan Black she was cast in an array of small, nondescript roles in television shows and a few films. Orphan Black took an unknown actress and thrust her mindblowing acting skills into the face of the public, and since the show was released, Maslany has only had some bigger roles but she's got a couple of films in post production and it's only a matter of time until Hollywood comes knocking at the Canadian actress's door.

This could cause major problems for the show. Producer/writer Graeme Manson explained some of the scheduling conflicts they've already had with Maslany...

"The show is obviously a scheduling nightmare and luckily we have such a strong supporting cast. But Tatiana has got to be in almost every scene and she can’t work 24 hours a day everyday. It takes about an hour and a half to change her to a new character."

Obviously, there are fantastic characters not played by Maslany that do help to carry the show. But if she gets more acting opportunities then what's in store for Orphan Black? It wouldn't be much of a show without the clones!

Probably one of the best scenes in the show
Probably one of the best scenes in the show

Award-Winning Actress

Until the awards are announced, the future of Orphan Black is unclear. As far as Maslany herself is concerned, she definitely deserves to win the award, and here's hoping she does! True acting talent should always be recognised and celebrated, and Maslany has proved time and again that she really is a star on the rise.


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