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As you may or may not know I love action film's, I grew up like everyone else watching Bruce Lee and the kung Fu Cinema. I get extremely excited to write about the action genre in particular. So the other day I received an email from my good friend Martial Arts Legend Paul Mormando, asking me to write about his friend's new film Mistaken. Yeah Like I am going to say NO to a martial arts master, I am not that stupid....LOL.

So I reviewed the trailer and some of Franklin Correa's past work , And I was truly amazed at this undiscovered talent, He is definitely the New Latino Action star, and his fim Mistaken was very well done.

Franklin Correa who hold's a third degree Black Belt in the Art of Ninjitsu, "is an authentic martial artist, not just some actor who dabbles in the arts". say's Mormando His past films such as Flash Drive are currently being distributed Internationally. He is currently awaiting approval for some of the film festival's for mistaken, and has several more films in development.

Mormando is hoping that he and Correa will share the screen together in the near future. Fans look out for the New Latin Dragon......Franklin Correa.


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