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Professional gaming has become a world-wide phenomenon. I mean, who wouldn't want to get paid to play the games they love and/or test new games that are coming out? Especially when you get paid for it! But, like all other industries, guidelines and regulations govern what players/testers can and cannot do. And today, a new rule that will determine your viability to participate as either has been passed.

Throughout all professional sports, drug testing has become the common theme for allowing players to participate in any sport. But, for a long time now, gamers have been able to avoid getting drug tested, as it didn't seem to be an issue that could affect the outcome of winners and losers in any gaming match or test. But today, that changed. And it's all thanks to pro Counter-Strike players.

As Kotaku reports

In the wake of public admissions that a whole bunch of pro Counter-Strike players have been taking the ADHD drug Adderall, the ESL (Electronic Sports League) have announced plans to start drug testing their competitors.

What Is Adderall

SPEED! So this is how Flash got his powers.
SPEED! So this is how Flash got his powers.

If you haven't heard of the ADHD drug Adderall, it is a combination of Amphetamine salts that provides immense amounts of energy to users, which in turn allows them to organize their thoughts and focus clearly on the task at hand. The particular ingredient that makes it calssified as a drug is Dex-Amphetamine, or D-Amphetamine for short. This D-Amphetamine used to be prescribed by itself before Adderall ever existed, but was taken off the market due to it's sheer strength and harmful side effects, and a few years later Adderall was born.

Why It is Being Banned From Use in Pro Gaming

Be careful, they might test for hugs too.
Be careful, they might test for hugs too.

With Adderall being an amphetamine that increases both energy rate and attention, it's sort of the steroids of pro-gaming. Think about it like this: Player on the substance has more focus and energy, which in turn allows them to have increased reaction timing and the availability to play or test more games per day than people who don't use it. You get paid for both being a player and tester. So, it's unfair to those who don't use the substance, and is also allowing those who do use it to reap more benefits from the leagues/tests in which they participate.

What About Players Who Have Already Used Adderall

Adderall isn't Meth but this is hilarious!
Adderall isn't Meth but this is hilarious!

Relax - nothing will happen to players who, before today, used Adderall during pro gaming and pro game testing. As Motherboard reports

that while the ESL won’t be taking action against any of those who admitted to taking the drug previously, it will “soon introduce and begin policing performance-enhancing drugs at its events” to catch those taking it (and other drugs) in the future.

Yes, that's right - other drugs will now also prohibit your participation in future electronic gaming for money. But, it is a professional league just like baseball, football, etc., so we knew this day would come eventually. However, if you are prescribed Adderall (or other prescriptions that would be tested for), then you are, in fact, okay. If it's the doctors orders, it's the doctors orders, and no one can say different.


Do you think Pro-Gamers and Pro-Gaming Testers should be drug tested?


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