ByBrent Elder, writer at

Is it any more right to tell an artist HOW to tell their story? SERIOUSLY?

What about freedom of speech or freedom of expression?

Imagine ROOTS where half the slaves had to be white, The Life of Pi where half the Indians must be played by Koreans, or Shawshank Redemption where half the natzis had to be black?

If the show is about a white family in a white neighborhood, there is nothing wrong with that piece of art, any more than if they were of any other ethnic group.

How amazingly RACIST can you admit it was for that guy to edit out ALL the lines from white people from other artists work while conveniently ignoring the sparse (and often demeaning) roles white people often have in predominantly black movies?

I only sat through 2 of the examples here. One looked like mideval Europe, accurate to have mostly a single race in regional areas. The other was Harry Potter, where SEVERAL minutes were played. Much less than the entire movie? Yes. But the story does take place in a Scottish school: both racially diverse and predominantly caucasian.

It's a good sign when we have mostly outgrown racism to the point that those who want to keep it alive have to try this hard. Morgan Freeman (black) is right. If you want to help racism finish dying, stop talking about it.


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