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Elite: Dangerous is an unusual game. It has a remarkable amount of potential to be one of the best space sim games on the market, however it's held back by numerous irritations. It's a beautiful game, but it can also be isolating and boring. You have to be prepared to invest a lot of time into Elite: Dangerous in order to benefit from its gameplay, but hopefully things can change for its complete release date on Xbox One & PS4.

However, there's another game on the horizon. One that promises players a space sim like no other; Star Citizen. Star Citizen may have a release date in 2016, but I can see it excelling on the PC. It blends a lot of the elements that Elite: Dangerous currently promotes with a level of customisation that seems unprecedented. I fear for Elite: Dangerous' survival in the galaxy once Star Citizen unleashes its ships.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen

Star Citizen vs Elite: Dangerous: Which Ships Will Dominate Space?

Star Citizen will consist of components that are relatively similar to what Elite: Dangerous offers, but takes it to a whole new level. We'll have first-person space combat, mining and trading, all colliding with first-person shooter elements in a massively multiplayer persistent universe. We'll have customisable private servers, a single-player campaign and a drop-in co-operative multiplayer option for it, entitled Squadron 42. And with Oculus Rift support, this game would be incredible along with the release of VR products for consumers in 2016.

Personally, I can't see Elite: Dangerous performing well under the pressure that Star Citizen will bring to the space sim community on PC. However, Elite will always have the support of console owners on XBOX One and eventually the PS4. This may be the defining difference for the two as it's unlikely that Star Citizen will ever make the move to the Xbox One or PS4.

Star Citizen is stunning
Star Citizen is stunning

But I'm wondering what everyone's consensus on Elite: Dangerous actually is? Do you all really enjoy what this space sim has to offer? Do you think that Star Citizen will improve on every aspect of its design? Here are just a few of the gameplay improvements that I think make Star Citizen a more likely long-term success in the industry:

  • Over a hundred star systems in game which will be hand crafted and will include heavily themed, scenic landing locations from day one unlike Elite: Dangerous.
  • No procedural generation could lead to less boredom when traversing space.
  • Far more freedom in terms of ships and their customisation.
  • Superior graphics and more well-designed worlds.
  • Better control over your ship, with improvements like yaw and more focus on first-person shooting mechanics.

The rest we will really have to wait and see. Star Citizen isn't exactly light years away, but if you're dying for a space sim right now, Elite: Dangerous definitely has tons of hours of beautiful content. However, it can often be too interspersed between patches of boredom.

Star Citizen
Star Citizen

Where do you stand between Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen? Are you waiting for the release date of the PS4 edition of Elite? Are you holding on for Citizen's PC release? Let us know where you stand in the comments below!


Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen?


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