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Okay, so first things first. Everything in this article will be about what we know of both characters so far. As I am no seer, I don't know how powerful they will be in the future. So, let's get started and let the number of dislikes grow!

So, I've watched the second Death Battle between Goku and Superman and I've even watched many reaction videos and read more than a few comments. I have to say, some, of not many are quite right. Superman won far too easily. Walking through a Kamehameha was incredibly badass but was a bit over the top.

I also have written an article about this before and although I too gave Superman a win, I don't think it would be that easy. Truth be told, I had to think a lot about who would the victor be and why. If you're read what I wrote, you'll know that the only one reason I stated that Superman would win, is because of his durability and the nature of his powers. Now, let's get into this a bit, only to clarify.

I've gotten a lot of answers that I'm just a

fanboy and I don't know Goku enough. Well, I've been reading comics since six or so years ago but I have been growing up with Dragon Ball all my life. So I know a thing or two about it. Not everything, clearly, but still. Okay, so why would Superman win? Because although he can run out of solar energy which feeds his powers, it would be a longer process than Goku's Ki. Although he's incredibly powerful, Goku and all of his abilities including flight, his durability and sometimes, his consciousness uses Ki energy. It has happened many many times in the series that fighters who ran out or had a low amount of Ki couldn't even stand up and many times have fainted. In Tien's case, he even died. If Superman would run out of solar energy, he would not have his powers, but he's still Kryptonian. He's from a planet which has a stronger gravity and therefore, he's said to be three times stronger, faster and durable than regular men. Goku is a saiyan and is also stronger physically, but we've concluded that much of that is still connected to his Ki energy.

Many have said what I also agreed to, is that Goku can fight much faster than Superman. People answered that I'm full of bull because Superman can also fight fast. Yes. Nobody ever said that he can't. Thing is, Goku is just much FASTER. That's a fact. However, it doesn't matter from which side do you want to break a brick wall, you won't be able to. Goku CAN get good punches in. But so can Superman. What I think is that Goku would tire out faster than Clark, it's that simple.

Also, and I'm sorry I don't mean to offend, but people have been saying some really stupid things. Like, Goku will Instant Transmission Superman to a universe with a Red Sun. Or that he will use Kryptonite. Okay, clearly anyone who wrote this doesn't know Goku. He would NEVER handicap his opponent. Remember when he gave a Senzu Bean to Cell against his own son? Or when he didn't defeat Majin Buu because he wanted his son to do it? His SEVEN YEARS OLD son? I mean, even Akira Toriyama said in an interview that he doesn't see Goku as a hero. He just wants to fight and fight a lot. He would clearly not use anything that would handicap Superman. That, and people just don't understand how a Red Sun works. Kryptonian cells absorb solar radiation at a much higher rate than a human's. a Red Sun doesn't give them powers, only the necessary vitamins and such, like our sun does with us. Under a Yellow Sun, Kryptonian cells are supercharged which gives them incredible strength, speed, durability and other abilities. The body needs time to process it and it also needs time to lose it. If Goku would bring Goku under a Red Sun, he would slowly depower. SLOWLY. In a week maybe. Remember when he and Kal-L from Earth 2 pushed Superboy Prime THROUGH a Red Sun? Depowering a Kryptonian is not that easy.

In an all out brawl, Goku would not have the time or strength to get through Superman's durability, he would run out of Ki energy because of the injuries he would get from the battle and the time he spent using his abilities. During his battle with Cell, Gohan was shot in the shoulder when he protected Vegeta with his body. There, it was commented by the Z fighters that Gohan's energy was cut in half. I don't know if it was a translation error or something, but that's just as it is. Also, the Dragon Ball lexicon (sorry, I can't write japanese :D) says that Ki energy is a balance of physical, emotional and mental healthiness.

So, many messages have been addressed. If there is something else, or just people screaming bull, it's all well and good. Toodles!!!!


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