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Coldfish Review

A man named Shamato life totally sucks he works at a little fish store his wife is hot, but doesn’t pay attention to him anymore (this is his second marriage) His daughter is basically a shop lifter and hates him and the step mother. One night Shamato gets a call that his daughters in trouble for shop lifting. The manager is very mad, but a man named Marata saves the day and the manager lets them off easy


Shamoto and his wife and daughter are very glad for this and happy. Mr. Marata is very outgoing and confident something that Mr. Shamato is not at all. Mr. Marata happens to own a fish store himself and invites the family to see his new fish that he had just bought. Mr. Shamoto is surprised by this, but takes up on his offer, they get to the store and it’s amazing. Its exactly like an aquarium Mr. Shamoto doesn’t have any reaction to anything that has really happened the only feeling you see is him feeling awkward and unsettling, while his wife and daughter are mesmerized. He doesn’t understand why this man is so happy and being nice to them. Mr. Marata show’s them around the store and Taeko his wife is marveled by all the fish. Then, out of nowhere Mr. Marata has and idea that Mr. Shamoto’s daughter should come and work for him where she would be living in a dorm and making her own money, Again Mr. Shamato does not stick up for himself or say anything besides okay let’s do that.

Then some crazy shit happens and all of a sudden Mr. Marata wants Mr. Shamoto to work for him as well as an apprentice in his dirty side work. So the first job is this big discussion about a fish worth 10 million dollars one of the men that work with Mr. Marata decided to put money into it and pay for the fish because of how much its worth and he would get his money back. But this is a trick and all of a sudden after drinking a special drink the man is on the ground coughing for dear life. This is the first murder that Mr. Shamato is involved in. He has no reaction besides being afraid. And, probably thinking what the hell is going on!!…Then Mr. Marata tells Mr. Shamoto to drive up to a mountain where they have a shack. Obviously they took the body and were going to dispose of it. Not only did they dispose of it they cut the entire body apart took out the bones took out all the organs burned the bones and threw the organs in the river.

This is just the start of the wild ride this movie takes you to. Mr. Marata is not one you’d think would murder, most of the movie he is laughing when he’s dismembering body parts him and his wife just laughs like fucking crazy people. While Mr. Shamato is appalled and wants nothing to do with it, but is afraid that Mr. Marata will end up killing him as well or as he says making them invisible. And, the psychopath only gets worse as the movie progresses. You will not expect the ending and it’s a wild ride I left out a lot only because it would take me too long to explain everything by detail!

This movie is crazy, I had so many mixed emotions about it. I really liked it a lot it was enjoyable to watch. It made you feel so helpless for Mr. Shamato as there was nothing he could do to stop this man. Every time you turn, something bad happens and you just feel dread. The characters were all very odd and very well acted at times, sometimes the acting was a little to dramatic for my taste, but overall it was very good. The black comedy of the movie was just like what the fuck seriously? How could they be laughing while there cutting a body to pieces? And speaking of that the gore was awesome and looked really real, but mostly just body parts being dismembered.

Hiroko Kazama & her husband Gen Sekine
Hiroko Kazama & her husband Gen Sekine

Coldfish is based off a few different serial killers. The first was Gen Sekine in 1993 him and his wife who owned a pet shop,poisoned four people over money issues. They would cut them up, burn them and then spread their ashes. An employee who’s name was not shared got three years in prison due to helping dispose of the bodies while Gen and his wife were put to death by hanging.Read the aritcle

Miyazaki Tsutomu
Miyazaki Tsutomu

The second case was Miyazaki Tsutomu a serial killer who killed four little girls who were no older than 7. Know as the Otaku killer form 1988-1989. Apparently in court he said his alter ego caused him to stalk and kill little girls. When he was caught he had a huge collection of pornography and anime. Before he got caught the last girl he took was dismembered, he consumed her flesh( her hands) and dumped her body in the cemetery. He also wrote letters to the families and even gave a box to one of the young girls parents with her teeth and bones. Later it was found that he had multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia. He was put to death in 2006 read more on murderpedia

Futoshi Matsunaga & Jonko Ogata
Futoshi Matsunaga & Jonko Ogata

The last serial killer was Futoshi Matsunaga, One of the worst serial killers known to Japan to the point where even the media had a hard time going over the case. Basically he and his 2nd wife (Junk) would commit fraud and then torture their victims. And, weirdly enough the victims happened to be his wife’s family. They would electrocute, strangle and starve their victims and when they were done they would throw they’re dead bodies in the ocean. Both Futoshi and Junko got the death penalty, but in 2006 Junko got life in prison. They still have no found any remains of the people they had more on murderpedia

My god was I shocked about all types of happenings in the movie. Some stuff was just put there for no good reason like the random porn happens and just random acts that were like why did that need to be in the movie it has nothing to do with anything. If your a gore fan this isn’t the gore that your wanting to see but its realistic gore and still may make you cringe a little I read a lot of reviews on how many people thought it went beyond boundaries of movie making they obviously have never seen the Human Centipede or Martyrs. For those who don’t like rape scenes there are a few that went on for a length of time. Everything you think is gonna happen in this movie is beyond what your imagining. You will love the story and the twist and turns it takes you into. I was captivated and even watched it while making dinner I just had to know what was going to happen!!. If you are a serious horror lover this is the movie for you. Now go watch it now!!


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