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How did fans of huge movies possibly wait for the biggest stories to come out back in the day? It wasn't like movies took that much less time to shoot. Sometimes they took longer, and yet it's hard to find any account of people pining for plot details, set photos or even spoilers for the biggest movies of the 70s, 80s and 90s! It's a relatively new phenomenon, with fans having the entire internet at their disposal when they want to find stuff out. The problem comes when productions are intentionally water tight, and that's just the way JJ Abrams is approaching [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158).

Perhaps Abrams should be taking a leaf out of the Marvel book, playing with the desperation the internet garners rather than fighting it. Then again, this is we're talking about! We're experiencing the continuation of perhaps the most influential film series ever. We should let things build up to a real surprise, so why can we just not seem to help ourselves? Let's break down a few elements of Star Wars Episode 7, and work out just why modern fans are so insatiable.

Set Photos

That's it! It's ruined!
That's it! It's ruined!

Leaked set photos have always revealed to me the internet's misunderstanding of film production. Remember when everyone declared that Thor was destined for failure just because Chris Hemsworth looked silly in that cape? It's down to the very simple reason that we weren't looking at the final film. The same goes for those leaks of Carrie Fischer or Harrison Ford a while back. I wouldn't call them spoilers per se, for they simply weren't indicative of the completed Star Wars Episode 7. Rather, they were just weaker versions of what we might come to see! Speaking of which...

Script Leaks

So earlier this year, the internet began reeling at a script leak from late in the story of Star Wars Episode 7. It's kind of amazing that the leak could happen in the first place. I even personally know someone who worked on the set design, and told of being escorted into a secured building, and watched as they reviewed one single page as reference for their work. I guess that kind of security is still lax enough for something to leak, and for people to freely discover how such a hugely anticipated movie ends. Once again, this definitely isn't indicative of the final movie we could see, but it no doubt lessens the surprise of an experience predicated upon having nothing for so many years.

Would YOU watch the leaked movie?

This kind of scene looks hard to resist!
This kind of scene looks hard to resist!

So let's speculate for a moment, and wonder just what would happen if the full version of Star Wars Episode 7 were leaked online. First of all, JJ Abrams would crumble into dust, and then millions of fans would be faced with the temptation of seeing the movie immediately. However, this isn't the same as any old Marvel release, where the viewer is somehow beating the system by pirating the movie. Star Wars is an institution, and sitting down in a dark theatre waiting for those sudden opening credits that border on a jump scare is an experience no fan will be willing to give up!

You can check out my other coverage of Star Wars Episode 7 here. What are your thoughts on the movie so far? Share them with a post here on MoviePilot, but voting in our poll, or by commenting below.


Would you watch a leaked version of Star Wars Episode 7?


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