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SPECTRE or SKYFALL? Which is the better movie? Since we have not seen Spectre yet, we cannot say what movie is actually better but we will try by comparing the key elements to having a successful James Bond movie.

Let me start off by saying Skyfall was one of the best James Bond movies of all time. It sure was not the best movie, but was certainly close to the top of the list. Skyfall was a magnificent movie because of the following reasons:

  • James Bond literally resurrected
  • Brought back the classic Aston Martin DB5
  • Had characters like Q come back that lately haven't been in James Bond movies
  • A role change for M
  • Had realistic stunts like every movie should
  • The villain used to have the same job as James Bond
  • Had very scenic camera angles/shots

So as you can tell Spectre has a lot to compete with to be as great of a movie as Skyfall. But just by look of the trailer, Spectre seems just as a awesome as a movie as Skyfall. I personally think Skyfall would be a better movie. But who knows, we have only seen the trailer. Also most of the crew is the same which is a good thing.


Do you like the trailer for the new movie Spectre


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