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This is an thai anthology (yes subtitles but totally worth it!) I went through this binge of watching tons of asian horror because if you know anything about foreign horror the stories are original l and totally crazy. Although most J-horror is about a ghost who is pale with black hair. But you would be surprised how interesting Thai horror movies are. Shutter is an incredible thai horror that is actually pretty scary! And you cannot forget The Eye which is also a highly known move in america but have you seen the thai version? although the american version isn't horrible it isn't epic like the thai version. So enough of my babbling here is a small review on 4bia a movie you need to watch right now. Sadly it is hard to find a US region DVD which is the only reason I do not own it :)

1. Happiness

A girl with a broken leg is super lonely . She got into an accident in a taxi and broke her leg. She then seems like she puts out and ad on her phone looking for someone to talk to because obviously she doesnt have car and shes fucking lonely . When she gets a mysterious text she ignores it and then decides to answer back.Its a guy and she's really excited to be talking to him. One night he asks her to take a picture of herself and she says she wants one of him, he sends her back the picture and say's that she needs to look closely he's in the picture too. And thats the basis of this story.

My thoughts:

I thought it was excellent kept you guessing and the last part made me jump which was awesome. you really did feel scared as you had no idea what was going to happen next I enjoyed the directing and the fact that you got scared with no talking.

2. Tit For Tat

Some teenagers are hanging out and all of sudden get mad because a boy walks by, we find out that the boy gets the kids expelled . It takes you back to the day they get expelled and they start beating the boy telling him to never come back to the school. well he walked on the wrong path the teenagers put them in there truck and start beating him on the freeway. they throw his bicycle on the freeway and tell him to fetch putting him on the ledge of the truck he ends up falling they dont even look back to see if he's okay. One day when there at school the kid show's up and is bleeding from his eyes he has a book that falls on the ground and one of the girl's opens it and freaks out and hits her head on a bar that goes through her neck. One of the guys remembers watching the boy doing prayers they realize he was into black magic to get back at them for what they had done.

My thoughts :

This was interesting very fast paced I enjoyed it and it kept my attention the story was really good to. The only bad thing about this was the horrible unscary CGI everything else was perfect. The kill's were good and there was some gore mixed up in there which is awesome as usual the more gore the better!!

3. In The Middle

A couple of guys are camping, they start talking about ghost stories. They all get a little scared. The next day they go kayaking one of the guys ends up standing up while there in rafters and the boat flips over they all get to safety besides one of the guys doesn't know how to swim and his life vest came off Aey goes into save him and ends up disappearing they look for him all day but have no sign of him. The night before Aey said that if he died he would come back and haunt whoever slept in the middle Ter ends up remembering this and gets scared as they are about to go to sleep in the tent. They decide to sleep in a triangle instead then they begin hearing things outside the tent. And ends up appearing in the middle of the night, And the story is set around that.

My thoughts :

This story is awesome just like the rest of the stories It totally kept me wanting to know more some of the make up effects were lame but other than that it was really good. Had a kinda predictable twist to it. I really liked the actors and loved how they were so real about each event that happens. This was a good story and Im sure you'll be able to look past the really bad make up effects!

4. Last Fright

The Royal Princess has requested certain flight attendants to be on board her flight one of them does not show up but another does. The princess is a bitch to the flight attendant. She decides she doesn't want the food that is given to her she wants the flight attendants food. The thing is the flight attendants food has shrimp and the princess is allergic to shrimp. But the flight attendant decides the princess wants what she wants and gives it to her. The princess gets sick and dies. And that is your plot.

My thoughts :

This one wasn't my favorite but it was still a good watch, It kinda was like a already seen that story but worth the watch!!

My thoughts on the entire movie

This is a movie that I wish did not have a region code because I would own it in a second. It had me hooked to the screen I did not look away. I love anthology's and I have to say that asian anthology's are the best 100% theres something about them that I just cant get enough of any horror fan would love this movie with a passion hope you enjoy :)


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