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No! You cry. There are books! There are rules! The protagonist of such a successful franchise can't possibly die! Well, maybe. The Hunger Games films have taken more than a few liberties with the book story, while remaining on the whole true to the original. However, as we race to the final showdown, more and more thinks are starting to differ, and there have been some crucial hints that may point towards the inspirational Katniss Everdeen dying a martyr.

First things first though - you should really check out the new trailer for [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866) if you haven't already. It is deliciously ominous, giving us tantalising hints of how this is going to end, as well as exciting glimpses of the revolution gaining force. But there's no point me describing it to you - watch it yourself!

Boy, those trailers are inspirational. But before you run off to join the fight against the Capitol, let's discover why Katniss may not actually make it through the battle...

Tribute, Symbol, Martyr

From the very beginning, Katniss' story has been filled with tragedy. Her father dies, her sister gets chosen to compete in what's little more than a blood bath... And her life actually gets worse from this point. After being an all-around action hero in the first two films, saw Katniss take more of a back seat, focusing on her role as a propaganda symbol, and waiting to make her move. This was as frustrating for the audience as it was for our heroine, but Mockingjay Part 2 looks like it will more than make up from a lack of action in the preceding film, and Katniss will be right on the front line. The final showdown is going to be a hell of a ride: Josh Hutcherson is stoked for Mockingjay Part 2.

"I know the story, and it goes out with a bang. It's a really powerful story with great character arcs and they all kind of have their resolutions in this one, and I can't wait for people to see it."

Goes out with a bang eh? Killing the protagonist would certainly have great shock potential. But how likely is it?

Back in black
Back in black

The films are no stranger to tweaking some book facts in order to spice up the action. A lot of the best moments in the movies are newly created, like the rescue scene in the first part of Mockingjay. They have also made bigger changes. For example, Effie Trinket was never supposed to be in District 13: they eventually meet up with the fan-fave character in the Capitol at the end of the book. Naturally, Lionsgate were not about to let Elizabeth Banks' brilliant acting go to waste, and so she plays a much larger role in the films.

So much for the films changing things before. Here are some hints that the films' finale will play out differently from the books'. Obviously, this is where the spoilers come in, so proceed with caution! In the books, when she agrees to be Coin's symbol, Katniss demands that she be the one to kill Snow. This all builds to one of the final defining scenes, where Snow is lead to his execution.... only for Katniss to turn around and shoot President Coin instead.

Katniss Vs Coin

Surprised? You would be, as the movies have not really shown Coin and Katniss at odds. They aren't the best of friends, that's for sure, but the books foreshadowed this nicely, building animosity between the two characters so that when the twist came it was shocking, but understandable.

An uneasy relationship.
An uneasy relationship.

In the films, however, Katniss made no such demand to Coin. This new trailer does see her making all sorts of threats towards Snow though, and the vid chat in Mockingjay Part 1 really had them at each others throats. In this trailer, Peeta seems to pressure Katniss into killing Snow...

"Our lives were never ours. They belong to Snow and our deaths do too. But if you kill him, Katniss, if you end all of this, all those deaths... They mean something."

At this point, Katniss killing Snow would be very satisfying for us as an audience. We've spent several years hating the guy, so seeing him finally get his just rewards would be fantastic. The film might very well give us what we want, unless Mockingjay Part 2 suddenly provides us with some reasons that Katniss would hate Coin enough to kill her (certainly possible considering what's coming... but I won't give you any more book spoilers!).

A heroic sacrifice

Of course, it's just as likely that Katniss herself might be the one to bite the dust. If she isn't going to kill Snow, as in the books, and there's little reason for her to kill Coin, could Katniss be the one to fall?

We've been told that the Mockingjay finale won't be what we expect, so many fans are assuming the writers are going to change something from the books. Perhaps Katniss will die in the final assault on the Capitol, or sacrifice herself for Prim (again) (and before you say anything, yes I know what happens in the books but hey, change is the name of the game!). Or maybe in a final fight against Snow, he'll be the one to emerge victorious.

Although we may think we know what's going to happen, we should never be too confident. So stay tuned for more Hunger Games shockers, coming in November to a screen near you!


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