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Season 2 of True Detective is very slowly and meticulously revealing layer after layer of intrigue, like a giant enigmatic onion. After seeing the first season, I am trusting the writing of Nic Pizzolatto, and waiting for it all to reveal itself as something amazing.

In the mean time, I was able to get in touch with Lera Lynn, the mysterious bar singer who has appeared in almost all of the episodes, and get her take on the whole thing.

Lera Lynn in True Detective (
Lera Lynn in True Detective (

Lera Lynn became associated with the show after her manager introduced her to T Bone Burnette, a genuine American music legend. He was putting together the music for the show, and asked Lera Lynn if she'd like to collaborate. Lera Lynn said yes.

T Bone Burnett, Genuine Legend (
T Bone Burnett, Genuine Legend (

True Detective is quite dark, and frankly, disturbing. I imagined working on the show would affect Lera Lynn psychologically, if not at least emotionally, and she agreed that it did - but not in the way I presumed. She described working on set as quite thrilling, and enjoyed herself immensely. She did speculate the actors would not necessarily have the same experience, though.

According to Lera Lynn, they all appeared to dedicate great effort to adopting the mindsets of their characters. As a fan of the first season, Lera Lynn had no expectations to the contrary. She was very impressed with Nic Pizzolatto's writing, and distinctly recalls feeling television was "rounding a corner," going beyond simple entertainment to provide a sophisticated relationship with reality.

When I asked what she anticipated for the story of season 2's development, she stated, "if I know anything of Nic's writing, there's something wilder and truer than most of us can imagine on the way." I loved that she said that, as the first season of True Detective startled me with it's insights into my own psyche (I had a really fucked up childhood).

Lera Lynn is right on the mark - both seasons of True Detective have been gut-wrenching portraits of the human mind, and particularly the American human mind. We all have the potential for greatness, evil and otherwise, and we are all deeply affected by our experiences. Attempting to convince ourselves or others of anything different results in a tortured mind, body, and soul.

For Lera Lynn's official bio, and the full Q & A of our interview, click here. True Detective airs at 9 pm on Sundays on HBO.


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