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This is my second time writing this, hopefully all is well.

Heavy Spoilers ahead, be advised.

[Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) is the epic finale to the trilogy of the Arkham Games. This game is awesome, I can't describe how long I'll just glide around doing nothing. In this game, Gotham is as alive as ever, cars moving, thugs chit-chatting, but no civilians. To be honest, I'm glad I don't have to be careful driving the Batmobile. Speaking of the Batmobile, there's two sides to it. I like the first side, just driving around, power sliding, ramming into Riddler cars, it's great. On the other side though, the Batmobile is used for almost every fight in the game. There are no proper boss fights, even Two Face himself is just a normal Stealth Takedown. Come on, Rocksteady, really? Well, I guess I can say the excellent combat makes up for it. A totally new set of moves, So many new positions for silent takedowns, and the same thug insults.

The plot is... good. Not great, there are some expected "supposed-to-be" plot twists, but there are some moments you know Batman is determined to take down the villains. The Arkham Knight, aka:

Jason Todd.

Oh come on, it wasn't a surprise after you saw the scenes with him and Joker, was it? He keeps talking about "Revenge" and "Getting even". I knew once he said he knew who Batman is under the cowl.

In this game there is a new gliding mechanic. You can swoop down and pull back up to glide for a SUPER long time, I don't even think you can lose altitude pretty easily. This was easily added to explore the new moments of Gotham and the whole new city. It is humongous, sporting 3 different complex islands, with new side missions on each and every one.

The side missions! They are great. You can tell that if they took the side mission and expanded on it, it could easily become its own game or story. My favorite were either the Azrael, or the Penguin Gun caches.

So, to keep this short, the sum of it is... The Story is not the best, but the Combat totally makes up for it. The Batmobile is used a little too much, but the Side missions make up for it. The game is an 8/10 for me.

Wow, now that that's over, tell me your thoughts in the comments below! Did you like Arkham Knight? Why or why not?


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