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...scending or anything - I know how Superhero themed arguments can quickly spiral out of control haha. I enjoyed your article, I just disagree. Here are just my thoughts on your points. 1. Tony’s storyline is essential to setting up Civil War and the changes going forward to the Avengers and the roster for Phase 3 and beyond. Tony has been haunted by some of his past for a long time, which is partially what drives him to want to create Ultron as a defense and solution to Earth’s problems. When this goes horribly wrong it just furthers the mistakes caused by his hubris and sets up for why he would be on the pro-registration/government (assuming they go with something similar in the movie adaptation of Civil War) side of things as he realizes the repercussions of superhero’s actions and wants to make sure there is accountability and try to make sure things like that don’t happen again. 2. Hulk is losing control -this is a huge theme in movie and why he leaves at the end and pushes Widow and others away. Its setting up for future and, likely, his absence in Civil War (he’s not in the comics in Civil War because he’s off planet, and it would be a huge advantage for one side) 3. I think technically Veronica is the satellite system that deploys and repairs the Hulk Buster armor. Also, Im not sure about this but from looking online the Veronica might be a reference to a character from the comics who Tony knows. Finally, Joss Wheedon said in an interview:You know, I just decided to call it Veronica because [Bruce Banner] used to be in love with a girl named Betty, and Veronica is the opposite of that." 4. I sort of agree that it seemed a little out of nowhere and forced. They definitely teased a Steve-Natasha romance in Winter Soldier, but they also went into the whole Steve not being interested in all the girls who Natasha says are interested in him (which are probably a ton since he’s f-ing captain america) and then we see its likely because he still loves Peggy but obviously can’t be with her since she’s on her death bed pretty much. 5. I think part of the Hawkeye family storyline was to give a possible reason he wasn’t in Winter Soldier at all, when it otherwise would make no sense that he wouldn’t show up when things went down at SHIELD. I think they mention something about how after the events in New York (first movie) he wanted to spend time with them since he pretty much thought he’d die there. 6. Thats just one of the powers Scarlet Witch has, and she can be insanely powerful. Also, the rampaging Hulk plays into him fearing losing control again, as well as (in my opinion anyway) the upcoming Civil War storyline in that people will start to turn against superheroes and there will be repercussions for the destruction caused (even if its with good intentions). 7. I think most people agree they’d love to have had QS live, but it does help Scarlet Witches story arc. Plus, you never know if they could bring him back - with the Infinity Gems coming more into play, as well as crazy things like they did with Coulson in Agents of SHIELD. Comic deaths are never certain. If they do decide to keep him dead, its not entirely surprising since it looks like Fox is going with QS and not Scarlet Witch, and Marvel appears to be doing the opposite. Since - as others have mentioned here - both studios own the rights to these characters due to some crazy legal stuff and Marvels sale of the Xmen Rights prior to launching the MCU when they were near bankrupt, and their status as Avengers as well as Xmen. 8. Marvel’s whole thing is connecting all their movies into the huge MCU, and it doesn’t really seem like a stretch that Cap and Tony (who never have really seen eye to eye in their methods - go back to the first Avengers and they argue plenty) would have their relationship continue to break down before having a literal civil war against each other. 9. Ultron was definitely more witty/quippy than I expected, but I certainly wouldn’t call him “cutesy”. He did try to cause a mass extinction of humanity by dropping a city from the atmosphere. I think the intent of that aspect of his character was a) to make it clear that he was more than a machine, but true artificial intelligence that was very human-like and more specifically the connection to Tony Stark who partially created him despite how much Ultron hates him. and B) To make him more than simply “evil” for the sake of being evil. Ultron is messed up and plans to do horrible things, but there is at least a reasoning in his mind for what he is doing. Vision touches on this a little bit when he says (Im paraphrasing here) that its not as black and white as the Avengers are making Ultron out to be, and that he doesn’t WANT to destroy Ultron but he must because in the end he is flawed. In the last conversation with Ultron, he admits that he agrees and knows that humanity is doomed to die eventually, but that there is good in humanity and that just because they will eventually fall, doesn’t mean that they should be wiped out now. 10. No doubt that these movies can get overcrowded, but I don’t think that Age of Ultron suffered from that here. I think it had to have the introduction of these new characters not only to launch Phase 3 in general, but more specifically Civil War and to give Cap a new team, but also with the expiring contracts and the age of some of the actors getting up there by the time Civil War and then Infinity War come out, they have to start introducing a new roster that will be the center of the MCU going forward. 11. Not sure what your point is here. I agree they are setting up for the future movies, but thats not a bad thing. I disagree that Phase 2 was bad. But yes, the Russos did create the best movie in Phase 2 and probably the entire franchise, and they’ll probably do amazingly well with Civil War & future movies. 12. Again Im not entirely sure what you mean, but I don’t agree that Batman v Superman is bad for Marvel. As a fan of both DC and Marvel, I can’t wait for both movies and franchises. I think that increased competition will only benefit the viewers as both studios continue to try to one up each other. Question - Did you like Ant-Man? I don’t think it was their best movie by any means but it was certainly enjoyable and a worthy entry to the MCU. More importantly, I think that Hank Pym, Scott Lang, Wasp (who Wheedon wanted to put in the 1st Avengers movie) and perhaps most importantly the Pym Particles (which, without spoiling too much, pay attention to what certain organization may have gotten their hands on them at the end of the film) are all too important to not include in the MCU going forward. Also, I read some really interesting articles recently about how the Quantum Realm may play a really important role going forward - Kevin Feige hinted at it a little in an interview, and the prevailing theories are that A) it could bring back Janet Van Dyne, B) it could tie into the Time gem - which could lead to a ton of important and universe changing things, C) It might introduce Eternity into the MCU at some point.

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