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Sagar Sarma

There used to be general consensu that animated movies were only for kids. In recent years however, they are made in ways in which both adults and kids can enjoy. Here is the list of sequels that are totally worth waiting:

1. How To Train Your Dragon 3

Everybody expected the movie to disappoint everyone, because it had dragons as the central theme. But, it has has surprised and impressed us , with its approach to the story and also on how to deal with a sequel.

2. Kung Fu Panda 3

All I can say is I want to enjoy another crazy adventure of the adorable panda.

3. Inside Out 2

Disney showed what happens when emotions have to deal with ... well... emotions! Sounds funny right? This is what made the first movie stand out and I want more of it in the form of a sequel. The first part was quite hilarious as well as captivating. I expect the same in the sequel.

4. Up 2

This movie managed to melt our hearts, by giving us a glimpse of human emotions in old age.

5. Finding Dory

Though this is technically a spinoff of "Finding Nemo", but it is sure worth waiting. Because we know what "Finding Nemo" had in store, and expect the same from "Finding Dory"

6. The Incredibles 2

After their development as a super hero team in the first movie, this time I want them fighting out as a team in their epic adventure.

7. Toy Story 4

Though we miss Andy, we don't want to miss our favorite toys' adventure, do we?



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