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I have been told I have a way with words even my manager at work says that I kill her as she's on the verge of falling to her knees laughing. Yet, somehow, I find myself at a loss when I want to put thoughts down on paper let alone into my laptop. But to put things into life, this is me: Amazine and among other things, I'm a daughter, sister, wacky aunt to 3 (and a soon to be wacky great-aunt come autumn), and friend where food services is my trade while a brilliant Moviehead by design. I can never be truly sure my film loving roots came from...maybe it was the first time I saw Peter Pan; or the afternoons I spent with Nanny while my parents were fighting and my solace was the old black & white classics on TV; or maybe it was thanks to my sister whom I tagged along with (whether she and her friends liked it or not) for the Sunday matinee at the Paramount. No matter who the thanks should to, I love movies now and always. I promise I'll post more, but with my hectic life between work, family, the Tuesday movie night at the Cineplex, as well as my little Facebook group/blog appropriately named "Weekend Movieheads" it might be difficult. So as I always say to those who follow my pre-Pick of the Week zingers, stay tuned....


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