ByBrianna Breezy Nathaniel, writer at
Brianna Breezy Nathaniel
Whether a story is original or not, it has to be interesting enough to watch.

For the past couple years, Disney has remade the same story several times. I think you can only tell a story so many times before it gets old. Yes, that's same old story. From rags to riches. I'm talking about Cinderella. It's been done too many times and I say we need something new, something original, something extraordinary.

Writers get inspired by their own lives. Take a look around, there are so many stories right here in the United States. So many stories around the world. It always helps to keep an open mind.

It's easy to remake a story, but it's harder to tell an original story. Why? Because that requires more work, more effort.

Even I was reluctant to write my first novel because it's taking an old idea and spinning it. A new idea on an old concept. However, I still decided to write it, despite my hesitation and it paid off. I now have a Facebook page following and my second book will be released soon. I'm excited that I've made it this far.

How did I make this far? Because I created characters who were believable and relatable. Because the story itself is interesting, from the beginning it captures your attention.

Did you get the audience's attention? Are the characters believable? Will it just be one movie/novel or will it be a series? These are just a few questions one writer would need ask in order to create something worth watching. Whether a story is original or not, it has to be interesting enough to watch. Hopefully, more orginal stories will be told, but until then make it worth my time and money.


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