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Last season on Arrow it was hinted towards Diggle finally suiting up and at the Arrow Panel at SDCC it was confirmed Diggle was going to get a super suit.

Yes Frozone we finally found it...
Yes Frozone we finally found it...

Now there's just one question - what superhero will Diggle be taking over? There are a few theories but first let's analyze the picture of the suit.

The New Suit

I don't know why they provided a blurry and overall bad picture at Comic Con for the world to see but I understand that the producers did not want to reveal too much. However I think this looks awesome it just gives a new meaning to the term tactical superhero. I don't think the silver is good but the picture is pretty bad so the shade could be completely different or they could change it. Overall I am getting a really good Vibe about this suit. Wow ok bad pun alert.

The Guardian

Guardian is one of the main fan choices for Diggle as their costumes looks similar now I do not know too much about Guardian but in Young Justice he was awesome so I actually would really enjoy seeing diggle take on this persona.

Green Lantern

I just don't see this happening but people still want it, and to be fair it would be pretty cool. However with all the Hal Jordan references in The Flash I'd rather have Hal in the series. And also the suit showed at Comic Con isnt green or glowey.

A New Hero???

It could be all possible that they are creating a all original new superhero for diggle and that may end up happening, it was joked during the Arrow panel by David Ramsey that his superhero identity was the Black driver which was hilarious.

Who do you think Diggle will become in season 4 of Arrow - Guardian, Green Lantern, or The Black Driver?


Who will Diggle Become?


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