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Let me start by warning two things; first, I am going to mention spoilers, and second (which I think is the most important) I am not one of those people who go to the movie theaters with a mental notepad to watch every mistake or flaw a movie has, just to either corroborate with the previous critics or make my own critics on them. I am one of those who goes to see a movie to enjoy it, to let it absorb me and transport me to their world. Be prepared for a half hour reading! (I am joking)

I tried hard to go watch this movie without hearing or reading any reviews, but it was almost impossible. Even when I was having lunch and watching the news, the entertainment area would comment on it. My friends also were talking about it, and newspapers were feeding the already world spread criticism about those infamous shoes.

I am going to let the shoes last for my review, don't worry.

The beginning of the movie brings us the introduction of the birth of "some" dinosaurs. I say "some" because I kind of am expecting them to be the so promoted -new- species they create; this knowledge comes from simply watching the teasers. We watch 2 eggs, then see a creepy small dinosaur breaking free. We move fast to a different place. Why am I describing this step by step? because I found the first reference to movie one (the original) right in here. A talon hits the floor and for a second you can think you are going to see a dinosaur of some sort, but it was just a close up to a raven. A prediction I thought, or a fun reference to those who remember that in the first movie, Doctor Alan Grant (Sam Neill) discussed about dinosaurs becoming later birds through evolution with Tim (Joseph Mazzello). If it was a bird around or just flying, I would have thought about this being coincidental. But no, this was a close up, so I knew it was at least a wink towards that fact from the first movie.

We get an introduction of the future main characters. I really find it fun and relate-able how the mother teases the son and over all their family interaction. A spice of the older brother's behavior or, should I say, lack of interest over all. The father teasing him about it. I just thought it was kind of normal in some families. Refreshing. Even when they say goodbye at the airport, you can see the older son Zach (Nick Robinson) being the usual if not typical teenager, something reaffirmed during the later scenes where he is eyeing girls and trying to make an impression.

I re-adjust in my seat as I see their boats approaching the island. We are put into the near future; new technology everywhere. I really thought it possible. The first look we get is exiting and showing us a park already functional and with people in contact with animals daily. Kids riding smaller dinosaurs; souvenir shops, VIP wrist bands, a hotel with all commodities available. Isla Nublar is the new vacation spot for everyone.

I read after watching the movie, about how some people think they are tired of seen the same uni dimensional and boring characters such as these, the smart know-it-all kid who is so smart it becomes annoying; the kid who doesn't care about family until they are in danger or on bad situations. The dysfunctional families like that. I have to disagree here since, to me, these were very realistic characters. I didn't know Gray (Ty Simpkins), the younger brother, was the smarty one until his own brother mentioned this at one part of the movie. To me, he seemed like a normal over exited kid, being put right in front of those things he only read about. It was extremely normal, just as exited as a kid being put in front of his soccer player idols. True, he did seem to know a bit too much about DNA but I also happen to know kids memorize stuff about things they like.

The infamous auntie comes to show, she is the kind of woman we all have in our family, either as sister, auntie, grandmother, we all have one of them. She is smart, a little weird, efficient in her area, but single. Even though she is genuinely happy to see her nephews, she is too busy to actually spend some time with them, so lets them in charge of a nanny.

We see how Claire's role (Bryce Dallas Howard) in the Park is essentially the face of the business; catching investors is one of the things she does best. She is also in charge of controlling activity in the Park. This job takes all her life, we can understand why is she so demanding. We meet the Head of the company; Mister Masrani (Irrfan Khan) is a fresh personality, playful and funny. He has the money but he is interested in the animals as living creatures and the Park as a whole teaching example. Mister Masrani is satisfied with the new dinosaur they created, but wanted Claire to consult with someone else about the place's security.

I love Owen (Chris Pratt) taming Velociraptors. It was a very bold idea and it actually works. He explains later how he built his bond with them but they listen to him and follow his guides to a point. Soon we see their true nature kicks in too when it comes to taking a bite.

We see more of Claire's personality when she meets Owen, she wants to be in control. Including in their previous first bad date. After a funny exchange of words they go to the new dinosaur's lair and end up discovering it was missing, unleashing a chain of events that lead to the rest of the movie.

As a side note, I love Vincent D'Onofrio in almost anything he acts, movies or series. But his character in this movie really made me hate him. Yes, of course, the character only. So well played, claps Mister D'Onofrio.

The rest of the movie develops around the interaction of the brothers, the auntie trying to rescue them, and learning to cope with her not being always in control of everything that happens. We see incredible settings, fantastic new technology possible in a very near future, new dinosaurs we didn't see on the previous installments, all mixed with small objects, situations, locations or jokes that were put on purpose in the movie to honor the first Jurassic Park that brought us chills and made us jump from our sits.

I give this movie 4.5/5. It does have some things to improve but over all I came out of the theater very satisfied with watching a fantastic movie, and waiting for the sequel that I know it will come.

A special paragraph dedicated to the infamous shoes! Claire is the tough woman in charge type and I think Bryce nailed it when she refused to change or remove her shoes to film the rest of the movie. We see her being a stubborn woman, so when she is pointed to be useless in those shoes, she puts herself on the job of proving she isn't. Kind of obvious to me, considering her personality, don't you think?

I read reviews of people saying she couldn't have ran or do any of the stuns she does in the movie with those shoes and that was unrealistic and killed the movie for them. To be honest I have seen business woman dancing in TV live shows make moves that are much more dangerous than those and survive. I have no problem believing Claire could do it.

Until my next review, and remember; critics don't need to be aggressive in order to be constructive.


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