ByJuliana Pelaez, writer at
When you look at a show you have to think what might happen in this. Will it be good?
Juliana Pelaez

As another Marvel movie comes out, marvel fans become hesitant. As most marvel fans know, the comics were a bust. It didn't do very well earlier, so why now bring out a movie? Most fans are most likely going to see the film because in all the marvel movies, since the Avengers, they have became connected. And in one of the trailers shown of the movie, Anthony Mackie from Captain America, becomes a part of Ant-man. He is shown in his suit as Falcon.

Is there a reason for this? A connection between Captain America and Ant-man making a view? In an earlier article before the movie was released, it was pieced together that Falcon is trying to recruit Ant-man, played by Paul Rudd, for the new movie Captain America: Civil War. If that is the point then will it be a huge reason for why fans are going to see this movie? One movie called Battleship, based off a board game, had great reviews on the commercial and had an ending that concluded that yes there would be a second one coming.

But later it was discovered that most people hated the movie. Critics shown in the commercials said it was good for the family, but it's not. Are they doing the same thing for Ant-man too? Saying the good things just to make money off the movie, but soon say oh it's bad. It will soon be resulted when all the reviews come in after the movie is finished.


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