ByBrad Dee, writer at

In recent months, a huge influx of new fans have started to flock towards the Flash comic book. Much of this is due to the hit TV show that recently started. Some of it is because of the Justice League movie that is coming out in a few years. Some of it is because of the classic villains are slowly returning to the comic series. But, regardless of the reasons, the Flash was slowly becoming a fan favorite comic again in the world of DC. Last month, the writers chose to start a storyline that brought back the classic evil villain Professor Zoom into the comic series. But, since this is the new 52, this would technically be the first appearance of this villain and we would slowly learn the secrets that are contained in his history and the history of the Allen family. Last month succeeded because we were slowly learning the mystery. But, this month didn't.

The Flash is a unique comic book because it has years and years of characters that people have slowly fallen in love with. The character of Thawne is one such character who has years of history and years of evilness inside of him. We have seen him at his worst and also seen him in "Rebirth" and "Flashpoint" to show us what his history was within the entire Flash family. But, then the new 52 happened and we had to watch the origins play out again and again. Older fans of the comic series will be frustrated by this issue because nothing happened in it that we haven't seen before. Fans of the TV show will feel like they are watching an episode of the show in comic form. For whatever reason, this issue didn't work out the way the last issue did. Sure, we still have some incredible art by Norm Rapmund, but that is the only surviving aspect of this issue. A fundamental understanding of the book's core characters is clearly missing from the co-writers. Despite a strong effort from Brett Booth, his work suffers from both a poor script and his own inconsistencies. The restored faith and goodwill that this title built with the previous issue has been put to waste. The Flash #42 is nothing but disappointing. But, the overall mystery that they are slowly building is interesting enough to make this issue still keep us entertained enough to come back next month for more. I am hopeful that they can right this ship before it sinks. I give this issue just a 5 out of 10, and mostly that's from the art.


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