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As [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) dawns on us, fans have been anticipating seeing how teen actor Tom Holland portrays the awkward teen/webhead Spider-Man, plus what his costume will look like.

Now Holland will be the third actor to play Peter Parker following Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield plus the fact it's a reboot once again which some people may find annoying but due to the fact Marvel Studios are making this one could be a relief to us all.

Now recently a twitter account that may or may not be Civil Wars directors Joe and Anthony Russo have unveiled a couple of images that could possibly be Spidey's new costume.

Now we this may not be Spider-Man at all but some other character entirely but judging by the red and dark blue (or black) it could be a familiar web crawler and the other picture above appears to be a goggle on top of some red fabric so which this version of Spider Man might possibly be wearing.

So there might be a chance that he may look like this:

Which I think looks like something a high school teen could put together which would be realistic (How Garfield and Maguire managed to make they're outfits I'll never know) but i'm guessing if he's on Starks side he'll offer him an upgrade, a possible Iron Spider suit maybe, but if he is on Caps side, he'll stick to the red and blue to be Patriotic.

What are your opinions on this, do you think it could be Spidey's suit or something else entirely, let me know in the comics. Check out the Russo Brothers Twitter account to look at the other images they released.


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