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A whole lotta trouble in Gotham
A whole lotta trouble in Gotham

So, let's discuss Batman villains. In my mind, Batman has the greatest rouges gallery in comic book history. From The Joker to Mr Freeze, and from Harley Quinn to Scarecrow, every criminal Batman goes against is a hit! Well, except Calender Man. And Mr. Polka Dot. Also Condiment King, but enough of them.

With Ben Affleck, the new Batman, directing his character's new movie, I can't wait to see which of The Caped Crusader's enemies he chooses as the villain. But I've been thinking. We need a villain who we HAVEN'T seen on the big screen yet! So, here's five of those villains today!

5. Black Mask

Black Mask is a villain I'm surprised they haven't brought into a movie yet. To me, he's like DC's version of The Kingpin, but with less fat and a mask. He's cunning, intelligent, tough and could put up a challenge for Batman, even if he gets another villain to do his dirty work for him. Let's be honest, he probably will.

4. Man-Bat

Man-Bat isn't a man who dresses like a bat, oh no, Kirk Langstrom took it to the next level and became a half man, half bat! That, is freaking awesome! He is capable of flight, has super strength and finally being able to see this character appear in film after the failed project that was "good old" Joel's Batman Triumphant would be great! Do it for us, Ben!

3. Hush

Bruce Wayne's childhood friend, who you may recognise from Batman Arkham City, has been in need of a film debut for a VERY long time. He is an expert marksman, surgeon, hand to hand combatant, and is so skilled at them that he could be on the team of gods, The Justice League! That is if he weren't Batman's greatest enemy after The Joker in my opinion. Hush's backstory is well thought out and watching his relationship with Bruce get to the point where they become enemies would be incredible!

2. Mad Hatter

Why does Mad Hatter deserve to be the Batman movie's villain? Well, he's an interesting villain to say the least. In a way, he's like The Joker, a psycho who's incredibly unpredictable. Like Man-Bat, he was supposed to appear in Batman Triumphant, but the film's cancellation stopped this. So it would be nice to see him in a movie at long last.

1. Deathstroke

There's no doubt in my mind that Slade Wilson is the most deserving of being Batman's enemy in his new movie. The master assassin's tragic backstory is perfect for the film, and he already has a history with The Teen Titans, so as soon as he's done with Batman, he can give Robin and co a run for their money!

But who do you think should be the villain? Let me know in the comments!


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