ByBrad Dee, writer at

Brian Michael Bendis has taken on the very difficult task of writing a follow-up to what is considered the best Wolverine storyline in the 21st century. It was seemed as an impossible task, and in the realm of Battleworld anything could be possible. But, in terms of a storyline, Bendis has failed to deliver. The comic series that he has created has become more of a "different realm each issue" series and less of a sequel to the set that came out a few years ago. Wolverine in this series should be seen as a desperado. Instead, he is a person who is questioning just about everything that is wrong with Battleworld.

The artistic team is still delivering a wonderful book full of fantastic imagery, but the writing is starting to fall a little flat. The realization that Old Man Logan is on a quest, not only to find out what is the meaning of the Ultron head that fell from the sky, but also to find out how he fits into this larger BattleWorld, is very compelling. But, even though it's compelling, it still fails on a number of senses. Logan is thrust from one realm to another on a quick and rapid basis, where we have a difficult time getting invested in what is happening to him. In this issue alone, he is thrust into "the Age of Apocolypse", "The Armor Wars", "Thors" and finally the "marvel Zombies". Bendis does do a fantastic way of taking us into the mystery of Logan and his feelings that everything is wrong, but the other characters seem all over the place. It is unfortunate that even though Logan is in these realms, there is no discussion in anything that is happening in those other series. This could have been a great chance to bring alot of unity in the tie-ins to Secret Wars, but instead it just adds to the confusion. By the end, all this is doing is finding a way to show us who the new Logan will be in the new Marvel universe. I feel this issue is an improvement from the last issue, but it still is nowhere as good as the previous series with the same name. I give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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