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Hi there, it's been a long while. About a year ago I posted the early news of the production of the 4th installment in The Chronicles Of Narnia . It has been quite some time now, and I am pleased to announce that the film is indeed moving forward in its production stage. According to David Magee, the screenwriter in charge of this installment of the series, the screenplay is finalized as of June 2015, and The Mark Gordon Company is ready for the next step. The studio's development of The Silver Chair apparently caused debate among avid fans since The Magician's Nephew was supposed to be the fourth film instead. Nevertheless, one can be sure that the film will still attract a vast number of fans and bring them to theaters.

A significant portion of the future of The Silver Chair in the box office will surely come from the partnership of The Mark Gordon Company and eOne, who together have become the studio to handle the production of the film, as well as its financial source.

It should be noted that one of the difficulties that the series faced in the past was its alleged inclination to Christian values, causing the franchise to be the target of criticisms from atheists who labeled the franchise as "Christian Propaganda" , and by Christian critics who shamed the films for distorting C.S Lewis's Christian Message, and for spreading blasphemous ideals.

The Silver Chair, as opposed to its predecessors and The Magician's Nephew, though still carrying C.S Lewis' religious themes, is not as explicit in the portrayal of Christianity , which in turn diminishes controversy .

Despite contradictions, however, from both religious and non-religious groups, the franchise, both in book form and film, has been labeled as one of the best series for young adults.

Unconfirmed sources rumor that the film might be released in 2016. Considering, however, that there is still much to be done, such as casting, filming, massive post production due to vast number of fictional characters and creatures, and the current absence of a promotional trailer, I would find it safe to say that the film would more likely debut in mid 2017.

Rest assured fans (myself included), Lion King Aslan (Liam Neeson) will once again take viewers on an adventure throughout the ever marvelous and wonderful world of Narnia when The Silver Chair hits theaters.

Courtesy: C.S Lewis Company, Mark Gordon Company, David Magee.

don't forget, Liam freaking Neeson is Aslan!
don't forget, Liam freaking Neeson is Aslan!


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