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Being born in the 90s, I grew up watching some pretty "dank" (90s slang) movies and TV shows. I thought, in honor of Clueless' 20th anniversary, that I would write an article on the top ten movies/ TV shows from the 90s. These are movies and tv shows that have been adored from this era, and are truly entertainment treasures. Let's take a trip down memory lane with my ranking of 90s entertainment:

10. Freaks and Geeks (TV Show 1999-2000)

The show that launched the careers of James Franco and Jason Segel, was an incredibly funny 90s show about kids growing up in the 80s. A young boy and his gawky friends deal with bullies and the struggle of navigating high school, while his sister becomes a rebel and hangs out with the "cool" kids.

9. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (TV Show 1990-1996)

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is an extremely humorous sitcom about a boy living in a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia (Will Smith) who is sent by his mother to live with his wealthy relatives in Bel Air. This TV show was very "fresh" indeed, with a catchy theme song, hilarious characters, and a 90s vibe; a definite favorite from this decade.

8. Forrest Gump (Movie 1994)

Forrest Gump is a comedic drama following the story of a mentally challenged man who never sees himself that way, and goes on quite an adventure. We get to follow Forrest as he goes to war, and becomes a football and a ping pong star, starts a shrimping company, and falls in love, all from his childish perspective on life. It is a heartfelt movie, and is a recommendation to all.

7. Home Alone (Movie 1990)

This is a movie about a young boy in a huge family that mistakenly leaves him home alone before their big trip to Paris, forcing him to deal with the struggle of taking care of himself as well as protecting his home against criminals who are attempting to steal from his family while they are away. Home Alone is a must see that can be watched again and again.

6. FULL HOUSE (TV Show 1987-1995)

Full House is another hilarious sitcom about a widower who has his friends move in to help him raise his three daughters. It is a classic TV show that kept me laughing as a kid while including lessons about every day life situations and growing up.

5. Friends (TV Show 1994-2004)

Friends is a comedy about 6 friends living in New York in the same apartment complex, and how their lives intertwine. It follows them through their jobs, love life, and is a story of an extremely comedic group with long-lasting friendships. It is a super entertaining show filled with fun and relatable moments.

4. Sandlot (Movie 1993)

Sandlot is the story of a young child forced to move to a new town, where his mom tells him to make friends. He finds a group that plays baseball on the neighborhood "sandlot". He winds up getting into all sorts of trouble and going on quite an adventure with this group of boys, leading to lasting friendships and a knowledge of the game of baseball.

3. The Truman Show (Movie 1998)

One of my personal favorites, the Truman Show is a movie that will make you think quite a bit, and is actually the cause of what's called "The Truman Show Delusion," a syndrome inspired by this film. This movie is a story of a man named Truman (Jim Carrey) that has grown up inside of a reality TV show. Everything around him is a set, and all of the people he has grown up thinking were his family, friends, and neighbors are actors/actresses. This inspired the "Truman Show Delusion" because it caused a few people to become paranoid that they were living in a reality TV show, just like Truman. It is quite an interesting film that came out of this decade, and in my opinion a masterpiece in the world of cinema.

2. Toy Story (Movie 1995)

The very first computer animated full-length film, is a series that made quite an impact on the entertainment world, as well as on me as a child. It is the incredibly sentimental story of talking toys and their adventure as they are separated from their owner. The audience is taken through familiar emotions, such as the joy of receiving a new toy, as well as the nostalgia of rediscovering old ones. This is a great animated movie for everyone, and a film series that I cherish.

1. Clueless (Movie 1995)

Clueless is my definite #1 90s film (and not only to honor it's 20th anniversary this week) because of the fact that it is a humorous classic film that can always put a smile on my face. I've seen it way too many times, and I cannot stress how fun and hilarious it is. It follows the self-absorbed, totally clueless, beverly hills brat, Cher on her journey as a matchmaker and as she deals with the new girl, who in her eyes is a "charity case". It is a film that will leave you laughing your head off and is a definite must see for all.


Which of these is your favorite 90s TV show/Movie?


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