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Jaysen Headley's Disney Vault Project: #1 + Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan

So Jaysen Headley asked me to re-watch every Disney Vault film in chronological order with him. We're gonna try to watch atleast one a week if not 2. He'll be writing a blog to accompany this project.

Jaysen Headley's introductory blog post about his Disney Vault project!

It's a fun project! And I'm also mixing in other older films Jaysen had never seen. Right now, we're working on Arnold Schwarzenegger films! We just watch Conan, the Barbarian!!! WHY Conan? Read below.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

The first vault film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It's pretty great, but little slow, and light on story. I remember thinking that some scenes were very very LONG! BUT, it was still fun to watch, and see how even then, the animation was pretty special.

Jaysen Headley's thoughts on Vault 1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves from his blog.


So, why Conan? Jaysen recently introduced me to READY PLAYER ONE, by Earnest Cline. He knew that I was a big fan of 80s pop-culture. The book is pretty great for all the 80s stuff it references, and I cannot wait to see Steven Spielberg's adaptation! When Jaysen expressed to me that he hadn't seen a lot of the films referenced in the book, I started to make a list of films I thought he should watch, but I hadn't decided which film or even if I was going to actively use it.

Soon after, Jaysen surprised me with a trip to Orlando, Florida to visit my sister. She and I talked about movies, a big favorite past-time of ours. We both loved movies. She asked if we had seen 'Terminator Genysis' yet, and we said no. Jaysen wasn't interested, and I was on the fence. My sister and her husband loved it, and loved it for all it's references to the previous films and thought it was a good sequel. It was then we learned Jaysen had never seen any of the 'Terminator' films! WHAT!?! And then discover he hadn't seen any Arnold Schwarzenegger films in general.

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