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We're only a couple of months away from fall TV, which means that all of our favorite superhero shows are returning to the small screen. For Gotham, September 21st will mark the start of season two, and this new promo hints at a darker, even more villain-centric season for the cop drama.

First up, we're seeing a much harder and angrier Jim Gordon - unsurprising, really, given the events of season one. He's definitely losing patience with the city, and while he is still determined to clean up Gotham, he is definitely starting to lose some of his boy scout morals. We even see him going to Penguin for help, and while this unlikely partnership has been a recurring one throughout the show, it seems that Jim is turning to Oswald more and more.

It's also very cool to see Penguin in such a lavish setting; it seems that Mr Cobblepot is continuing to rise in season two. After the "death" of Fish Mooney in the season one finale, I'm willing to bet that we'll see Oswald at the top of the food chain for most of this season, and it will make him even less sane than he was to begin with. What havok will he wreak from that criminal throne?

The rest of the trailer focuses on the various villains that season two will be dealing with; Ed Nygma, Victor Zsasz, and (thrillingly) Tigress. With Fish out of the picture (for now, anyway), I'm really excited to see the show bringing in another adult female villain. Catwoman and Poison Ivy are fascinating, but still only children - Tigress can do some real damage now.

We also get another look at one of the potential jokers from season one, and it looks like he may become the "official" Joker for the show. I'm not too thrilled about the idea of bringing the Joker into the show this early, and giving him a full backstory, but it may be that this character becomes someone else entirely.

It's interesting to note that Bruce Wayne doesn't make an appearance in the promo, nor does Alfred or any of the younger to-be-heroes and villains. This clearly reinforcing the idea that Gotham is not a Batman show, but a show about the city and Jim Gordon. Which is, of course, part of it's appeal - it's a new take on the Batman mythology, and I'm thrilled to see that the focus will remain primarily off Bruce Wayne for another season.

Gotham Season 2 Premieres on FOX September 21st


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