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Fans of Stephen King story IT have been getting some action recently: a feature update announcement, a director's departure, an online movement including Hollywood Redux's teaser trailer:

Recently Hollywood Redux posted an article on Moviepilot after the IT feature film update from Warner Bros and New Line was shuttered, urging fans of the Stephen King story to sign a petition to keep IT alive. Now, the studio is pressing forward with the adaptation, this time with a new director at the helm.

It was reported (read the full article at Hollywood Reporter) that the studio is pursuing Andy Muschietti, most known for 2013 horror moneymaker, Mama, to replace Cary Fukunaga in the director's chair. Fukunaga parted ways with the project around Memorial Day due to rumored disagreements over budget. It's unknown if actor Will Poulter, cast as Pennywise in the Fukunaga treatment, will stay on to play Pennywise in this new iteration.

'Mama' Director Andy Muschietti
'Mama' Director Andy Muschietti

The IT fandom online was compelled into action when it seemed Fukunaga's departure meant the end of the movie altogether. The online petition has garnered almost 3,000 signatures and it's heartening to see a happy ending: the IT feature is happening.

Check out the petition here

We at Hollywood Redux were also compelled into action - we made our own IT teaser trailer, showing some of the iconic moments from the story. We wanted to pay respect to the previous incarnation of IT, the TV miniseries from the 90's, while also focusing on the story and the source material.

As you can see, Hollywood Redux loves IT. We want to see Pennywise's black sense of humor and his myriad horrifying disguises, poor little Georgie and his newspaper boat, the apocalyptic rock fight, and all the moral decay rotting away in Derry, Maine.

Georgie's boat
Georgie's boat

Sound off in the comments below on what you want to see in this new IT telling.

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