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Fox Entertainment has announced that Hugh Jackman's last role as Wolverine will be based on Mark Millar's 'Old Man Logan' story arc. While this is exciting news, a lot of the major characters in the story like Hawkeye and Red Skull are all owned by Marvel Studios. Well, here is the good news. These characters can easily be replaced by the characters that Fox have the rights to.

The Hulk And His Kin

Gamma necks? Green necks?
Gamma necks? Green necks?

In the beginning of the story, The Hulk's inbred, redneck kids were sent to either get Logan's rent money or beat him down. Since Logan was a pacifist, he took the beating and was told double next month. At the end of the story, Logan went back home after getting the money only to find his kids and wife killed by The Hulk's kid. Logan went and killed all of Banner's kids and then killed The Hulk.

The Blob

Dukes was already in a Wolverine movie
Dukes was already in a Wolverine movie

Fred Dukes a.k.a. The Blob is the first person that comes to mind. Not only is he an X-Men villain, he was actually in the Wolverine Origins movie. Since the Hulk and his kids go around eating people, what better person than a villain called The Blob to keep that part of the story going. Dukes also has a very redneck vibe to him, so playing a character that has inbred kids wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

The Thing

If Fox wants to get really fancy they can use Ben Grimm since Fox also owns the Fantastic Four. The Thing is a big monstrous intimidating looking thing (pun intended). To top it all off, Wolverine and The Thing don't really like each other. In fact, Wolverine cut Grimm's face up really bad in the comics. So bad that Grimm had to wear a mask for a while. This could be used as a reason for Grimm's hatred of Wolverine. They apparently fought in the 'Old Man Logan' universe at some point as well. At the end of the story, Logan fought Bruce Banner and then Banner turned into the Hulk. Logan could fight Ben Grimm and then The Thing.


For those of you who have read Old Man Logan, you know what Wolverine did to the X-Men. If Colossus was to survive that massacre, he would never forgive Logan for what he did. Especially if Logan killed his sister Illyana. If she did happen to survive, she would probably start manipulating her brother and he would eventually turn evil. Maybe even kill Juggernaut to get his powers and become more dangerous than he already was.

Logan's Riding Buddy Hawkeye

Hawkeye approached Wolverine with an offer to help Logan get his rent money. After Logan reluctantly accepts, the two of them went from one end of the country to the other to deliver a package to Red Skull's territory. Who would make a good riding buddy for Logan?


Beast just does stuff regardless of the consequence
Beast just does stuff regardless of the consequence

Originally I was going to say Nightcrawler, but Nightcrawler would never put anyone in a situation where his friend could possibly be killed. Hank McCoy on the other hand, would. For all of Beast's talk about how selfish Cyclops is, McCoy is more selfish than Cyclops ever was. Beast likes to think he is above everyone else, but Maria Hill said it best:

"People always complain about Wolverine doing whatever he wants whenever he wants but Wolverine holds to a code. He's a samurai with a code. A messed up code, but a code nonetheless. It's Dr. Henry McCoy who really does whatever he wants whenever he wants".

Add that to the arguments the two can have on the trip and that makes for a great movie already.


Jubilee was Wolverine's sidekick for a long time and throwing her into this would be a nice treat for X-Men fans. It would be an older and more experienced Jubilee making the journey with Wolverine, so her being able to handle herself on this trek would make sense. If Jubilee lost her powers like she did in the comic books, she could also guilt trip him into taking the trip since Logan has a soft spot for Jubilee.


If we are going with the irony of Hawkeye being blind, we could go with Scott Summers. A blind Cyclops who can no longer use his powers makes the most sense. On top of that, Cyclops is one of the few people that Wolverine respects enough to take a journey like that with. Especially if Logan is the reason Cyclops is blind and no longer has his powers.

Ruler Of America

Red Skull in his trophy room
Red Skull in his trophy room

Red Skull finally found a way to get all of the villains organized after he realized they outnumbered the heroes. So since Red Skull isn't going to be the ultimate evil, who could it really be?


Are you shocked? If anybody is going to lead in this world full of mutants and be fair about who gets what after the war is over, it's Magneto. Magneto is one of the best at big game speeches and no matter how many times he loses, people still find a reason to back him time and time again.

Dr. Doom

Doom made a brief appearance in the book.
Doom made a brief appearance in the book.

Another Fox owned character that could be used here. Doom has always wanted to rule the world and if he had to destroy everything but the United States to do so, he would do it in a heartbeat.

Reed Richards

People who aren't big fans of comics might not know that there is a universe where Reed was the bad guy and he was an amazing at it. Reed may put together a team of smart villains that could take over the world. He thinks that he is saving the world when he is really dooming it. Not a likely scenario, but it is a fun thing to think about.

Thanks for reading. I know I forgot some people Fox could use, so let me know in the comments.

Who would you like to see in 'Old Man Logan'/'Wolverine 3'?


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