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With the Wheels of Season 6 beginning to turn, now is a good time to predict what could happen in the season, we will be looking at the major characters in Game of Thrones and see what I think would happen to them by the end of that season. This is merely my opinion and if you differ, then comment below and let me know!


We left Dorne with Jaime witnessing her own daughters death just after a bonding moment between them. I believe that the ships will immediately turn around back to Dorne for a demand how the death occurred. I also believe that Jaime will snap back into his Season 1 state and call for war between the Lannisters and the Martells.

The House of Black & White

With Arya losing her eyesight at the end of Season 5, I believe that Arya will slowly regain her eyesight as she starts to become 'no one' and by the end of this Season, she will get her first assignment in Westeros, and successfully assassinate that target.

King's Landing

We left off with an 8-foot Kingsguard taking Carrying Cesei back into the red keep. Its obvious that he will represent her in a trial by combat, but I am a supporter of the 'Grave Digger' theory with Sandor Clegane, and therefore the 'Cleganebowl' scenario will take place. Who will win? It could go either way, but my money is on Gregor Clegane.

Winterfell/The North

After Stannis attempt to destory the Boltons and take over Winterfell, when Roose and Ramsey Bolton discover that Sansa has escaped, they will try and fail to hunt them down, and will start to loose control of the North, ending with their demise.

Sansa and Theon could head to The Wall, it seems that would be the logical place to go, unless they could travel to Theon's homeland, The Iron Islands. Sansa now knows her brothers are alive, so she would likely team up with Brienne and Pod and try to find them.


After Tyrion finally meeting up with Dany, she is taken away by the dragon an Tyrion is left in charge with Varys, and I think successfully drive them away, but not without some conflict throughout the season, and as Dany returns, they will join her towards Westeros

Eastern Lands

In the east, Dany will somehow manage to convince the Dothraki that she is a Khaleesi, and will use Drogon, who apparently is twice the size now, to convince the Dothraki to march with her, once this happens, she will make a quick pit stop to Mereen and get all the ships together, and will then sail to Westeros to take the Iron Throne.

The Wall

The one we have all been talking after since season 5 finished!

I think it will start out with Tormund Giantsbane learning what has happened to Jon Snow, and then marches onto Castle Black, whilst convince other to join him.

Whilst that happens, the likes of Davos, Ed and other Jon Snow supporters will attack the men with the wildings and will manage to kill the men responsible.

Now this Theory is a steep one, Brandon Stark is learning to be one with nature, and according to the books, includes looking into peoples pasts using a weirwood tree. I believe that Melisandre will bring Jon Snow back to life, then Brandon Stark will see that Jon Snows parents are Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and manages to give that message to Jon Snow before he comes back, therefore he, and more importantly us, will know his true parentage.

By the end of the Season, the White Walkers will have their full force and begin their attack on the Wall, and that is where I think the season will end.

So what do you think? Comment below and let me know!


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