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As most people know, Daryl Dixon is absolutely a very POPULAR character on AMC's 'The Walking Dead'. Daryl has been on the show since the VERY, VERY beginning, on season one. Starting out as a little punk in my opinion, with Rick's help, he's grown out of his 'punk', 'prick', or even 'dislikable' character if you ask me. I have grown to love Daryl in many ways: his love and care for Beth (sorry, nothing romantic guys), love for Carol (still, nothing romantic), and loyalty towards the group, especially Rick.

His time on the show has brought he and the group through many hardships, deaths and depressions...BUT every individual one alive has come through to a brighter and (hopefully) more hopeful future.

But is this 'hopeful' future getting ready to expire for Daryl Dixon? The reason I have come to the possibility that Daryl could die in season 6, is because of some clips seen in the trailer for the upcoming season (Oct. 11). Those of you who watched the trailer, obviously saw that Daryl, appearing to be bound up and in bad shape...had a gun pointed at his face, by a blonde man. Behind the blonde man were two girls, a brown head and...another blonde (Possibly Holly?). Looking at the circumstance Daryl appears to be in...the question arises: Are these people a threat?

Of course everybody is going to hop on board and say, "Oh no, Daryl has been captured by bad guys!!" That may not be the case... Basically what I am trying to hit on here is not that these people could kill him right then and there, but that the writers may be doing what they did with Hershel, Beth and other characters on the show. Remember, back in season 4, Hershel had his moment to shine for the last time with Glenn in episode 5 back when they were battling the illness that sprouted up among the prison survivors. Beth had her moment to shine as well in season 5 episode 4 in Grady Memorial hospital. Could this be a 'Daryl Standalone Episode' like Hershel and Beth had? If this is so...I would prepare for Daryl to kiss his fans goodbye.

But know that IF this does come about...he's at rest no longer having to struggle to defeat the Walkers that have polluted them with death, destruction and continuous aches. Also, will YOU be a fan who stops watching this well-written, thriller because he MIGHT die? There is always the reality that ANYONE can die (except Rick obviously). So will you give up the show over one character, or will YOU keep fighting the Walkers with those who remain...? Drop comments below!!

Season 6 Trailer here:

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