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When my niece turned 4 she had started to see ghosts her parents had been upset cause she told them she was seeing people around her thats when she had to go to a new family and when she went to a new family i went to go see her a lot she is now 9 i went to go see her yesterday i miss her so much anyway when she was 4 she had to go to my family I've never seen her parents since she moved in with me but now and then she gets scared when i open up her bedroom door shes now staying with my aunt oh btw my nieces name is Ganessa she would tell me to come in and lock the door i asked her how she was doing with the ghosts she told me that they won't leave her alone when i was her age i could see ghosts too i guess it kinda runs through the family anyway in my family every first born girl when they turned 4 would start to see ghosts. I was one of the first born girls anyway she said that the ghosts would make her see how they died every so often, so when i went to see her she wanted me to help her get her ghosts under control so I helped her the this is when one of the first born girls get under control of their ghosts there nose starts to bleed a little bit. Anyway after awhile she got a imaginary friend so she thought but all of the girls could see her, her name was Adeline she goes away when ever im around so I would do what every aunt would do i got rid of her she started to talk Ganessa into killing herself. I had to bring her back once. It was terrifying.


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