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Tyler Ourada
...good as Joel and Ellie's story, but I see no reason that a totally new story with new characters needs to be connected to The Last Of Us at all, by that I don't just mean not connected to Joel and Ellie's story, I mean not even in the same universe, no fire flies, no clickers, or anything like that. While I think Joel and Ellie's story can still go on, and would like to see the history of both characters, if Naughty Dog really does think their story is done, they should use this opportunity to make something totally new, you said The Last Of Us should go to Europe, but we've seen what a zombie apocalypse (like the one in The Last Of Us) would look like in Europe with the movie 28 days later, without Joel and Ellie the only thing to make The Last Of Us 2 in Europe stand out over something like 28 days later, is the Naughty Dog name. yeah it will have the whole relationship thing, but 28 days later has that too. and I'm sure if you dig deep enough you can find a zombie movie that takes place in China or Japan. The key element to any story is it's characters, returning to the world of The Last Of Us would be great, but if they do that they should continue it's main story, show us what happened next, not everyone feels The Last Of Us was this absolute ending where the story can't go anywhere, some feel like the ending didn't have enough closer, and many believe (including some of the people that worked on the game) that Joel and Ellie still have story to be told. If Naughty Dog wants to explore new characters and relationships they should also use that opportunity to explore new worlds, if they want to make a game in Europe (for example), why would it need to be in the Last Of Us world. Naughty Dog can get can get just as much emotion and show just as much "culture" with something like a spy thriller, as they can with zombies. The thought behind the next Last Of Us game, shouldn't be "what would be a cool place to see get torn apart by zombies?" if they make another Last Of Us game, or if anyone made a sequel to anything, the question they should ask is "where can the story go from hear?" and if the story can't go anywhere, make something new.

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