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Andranik Kulikyan

Ant Man is really different from any other Marvel movies in a good way. It is not as big and epic as others but it has a heart definitely bigger than any other. It's very personal and the relationships between fathers and daughters are more important than the threat that is coming from the main Villain, Yellow Jacket.

As bizzare as it could seem, Paul Rudd totally embraces the character and at the end of the movie you leave feeling "yeah he sold his character completely and I don't imagine anybody else playing the Ant Man." Michael Douglas was amazing at his role of scientist and mentor to Paul and brought class and credibility to a movie. Michael Pena stole the show and whatever scene he was in, he just makes you laugh constantly.

The weakness of this movie and as it is for most of the marvel movies, is the villain. The Yellow Jacket was a very flat character and there was no reason behind of why he wanted to be evil. Also Paul Rudd's daughter's stepfather seemed an unnessecary character in the movie and held no importance at all although he was given a lot of screen time.

Overall though it is a hugely entertaining and great movie and the performances are great even if those few characters lack some weight. It is definitely a film I would recommended.


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