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Frank Miller has done a lot of great stuff for comics. His runs in Batman and Daredevil personally are my favorites, from Year One & The Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil storylines Reborn are classic, must reads for any comic books fans under a rock who have never read them.

Batman illustration By Charlie Ans
Batman illustration By Charlie Ans

His Sin City series and 300 for Dark horse also is a must read and the art and story is phenomenal.

As far as the more traditional super hero stuff he worked on Daredevil and Batman, what do you all think is the best, or more influential until today? I can only hope we see more stories and art from Frank Miller on these characters, or new ones he hasn’t been involved with. I’d love to see a run on the Punisher for Marvel, or someone other than Batman in DC, perhaps Green Arrow? Shazam, or Superman ? What about you all, what other characters would you like to see Frank Miller work on?

The Batman movies by Nolan have obvious influences, as does some of Netflix’s new Daredevil show. As an illustrator myself, I can easily say that I have also been influenced by some of Frank's work. These illustrations I did, are an example.

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