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(Warning - the following may contain mild SPOILERS. You have been warned...)

Now, considering this is outside of Moveipilot norm, I have been contemplating on whether I should actually write about this. After all, it's awfully weird to write about something that's not movie/comic book related. And yet, I find it beneficial to shine a unique spotlight on the already given one to writers that deserve an understanding. Y'see, I wanted to write this to give appreciation to the cliched things of MP, all belonging to one person.

Y'see, there is something grabbing about a person who uses the same words and catchphrases in every article, as well as images and gifs that elevate the whole MP experience. It's easy to see why he has rose to stardom and for that I congratulate him.

So getting back to the purpose of this article, how do you really write like THAT one writer?

You Have to Raise the Topic of the Whole Article Again, This Time Using the Heading Text

Y'see, this is critical since you want to reiterate or clarify your point so readers don't get sidetracked. After all, images and gifs will dominate your article, and that just adds confusion that wasn't there to begin with.

Then You Specifically Write, "Particularly..." to Answer the Question You Have been Raising Up

Yep, that's right. It looks like you're finally going to answer the question you've been raising up, and this is where the list officially begins.

It's pretty darned thing to actually address the topic of your article - halfway - through the whole thing, but without this method, your reader won't understand the context of the topic, nor enjoy the fun words and phrases.

You Organize Your Article like a List (Whilst Capitalizing Almost Every Word of Your Heading Text)

No hulk, O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.I.N.G.
No hulk, O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.I.N.G.

Then you give 2-3 sentence paragraphs (about three) that support your heading text above.

Now, you may want to include a few key words so your reasoning does not sound redundant. After all, you do want to sound like THAT one writer.

You Have to Expand Your Reasons in the Lists, Even Though You Can Put Them All in One Paragraph

That's right. THAT one writer knows wisely to not bunch up ideas into one paragraph or even two without placing a heading text in between each lists. It is this structured type of writing that can benefit you as a writer immensely.

Similarly, even if you might not be writing an article that gives reasons or a list of things, you have to find a way to break down your article to have a structured and clear type of an article.

And Lastly, You Have to Close Up With a GIF that Includes Captain America or Daredevil

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